Education Is a Right, And It's Also A Sad Social Inequality

Education Is a Right, And It's Also A Sad Social Inequality

The educational system is a quintessential arena for potential inequality to emerge.


The educational system is a quintessential arena for potential inequality to emerge. For instance, the school systems can isolate, or inhibit students due to age/sex discrimination and even socioeconomic brackets, but economic and social differences are the main culprits that perpetuate inequality. The goal of education serves to make each student an organizational child through careful instruction and supervision, "[being] guided through their day in ordered agenda [and] are rewarded for conformity" (Guerrero 209).

Children are taught to conform to societal expectations from a young age given that some schools enforce a mandatory uniform policy, which causes "any signs of individuality [to be] discouraged" (Guerrero 209). In the lenses of a conflict theorist, the school system seeks to take advantage of the impressionable, younger kids as a means of ingraining obedience and respect for the rules/laws

. For instance, social sanctions are put in place. If a child doesn't listen or chooses to exhibit deviant behavior- behavior outside of what is normally accepted or allowed- then they will be given a negative sanction, such a time out or parent note home. Conversely, good behavior is rewarded through treats and stickers. In sociology, conflict theory presents the paradigm that social differences perpetuate social and economic disparities.

The conflict perspective does make sense to me because I do see how social stratification is contributing to growing inequities. Consider the notion of social and cultural capital in older middle school, high school, and even college students. Some children may not have as much cultural capital, or "skills and knowledge passed on by their parents and through social and economic position" (Guerrero 209). A lack of cultural capital may discourage these students from fostering enough social capital due to fear of rejections/not being accepted or not feeling smart enough to make "investments in social relationships and networks" (Guerrero 209).

I think of an older teen who may have aspirations of breaking familial trends and becoming a first-generation college student, but fears that they don't possess the arsenal of fortitude and money to finance a post-secondary education. Moreover, Conflict theorists assert the premises of the alienation and class conscientiousness. College is a prime illustration of how alienation can occur because being aware of one's social position (class consciousness) can either seek to initiate change and inspiration to evoke social mobility or perpetuate a self-defeating cycle.


Leon-Guerrero, Anna. Social Problems: Community, Policy, and Social Action. Sage Publications (USA), 2016.

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I Refuse To Stop Talking About Harry Styles' First Appearance At The Met Gala

Harry Styles wowed fans and haters alike with his first appearance at the Met Gala.


Unless you have been living under a rock, you know the 2019 Met Gala has just occurred. The first Monday of May is a big deal for everyone. Not only do celebrities get to play dress-up with million dollar outfits, but the general public gets to look on and judge the costumes from our couch in our sweatpants. Fun for everyone!

Now, if you are like me and had no idea what this event is actually supposed to be, let me fill you in. The Met Gala is an invite-only annual gala held every year as a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. According to Business Insider, "For $30,000 a ticket, those who passed Wintour's approval can attend the $3.5 million event. Tables go for $275,000 to $500,000. They cost even more if they're paid for by sponsors." Though this event costs millions of dollars to put on, it has no problem making back up to five times the amount of money put into it, especially not with these prices. The Met Gala also has a theme every year, although not all celebrities choose to follow it. This year's theme was "Camp: Notes on Fashion," based on "Notes on Camp," an essay by Susan Sontag. And no, we aren't talking summer camps here. We're talking the most extra, gender-role breaking, loud, outfits but making them tasteful.

This year, the Met Gala had four co-chairs to join Anna Wintour, all of which are essential to the fashion industry in their own way. Lady Gaga, Serena William, Alessandro Michele, and Harry Styles joined forces to create one of the biggest Met Galas in history of the event. And it was insane. Instead of the traditional red carpet, there was a pink carpet lined by perfectly designed bushes interwoven with pink flowers that perfectly matched the carpet. At the top of the infamous Met staircase, there was a giant flamingo centerpiece also surrounded by thousands of pink flowers.

Harry Styles made an entrance with Gucci's creative director and fellow co-chair, Alessandro Michele, and it was immediately breathtaking. Alessandro was dressed in a loud pink jumpsuit, complete with ruffles, gaudy jewelry, matching shoes, painted nails, and a silver headpiece. He was absolutely stunning, and we expected nothing less. Walking side-by-side, Harry complimented him perfectly. Although he dressed in all black, which I can undoubtedly say none of us saw coming, his outfit was also complete with sheer fabric, ruffles, lace, high-waisted pants, heeled boots, a dangle earring, gaudy rings, and painted nails. While much of the fandom was expecting Harry's outfit to be a bit louder and a bit extra, they were still sent into a complete meltdown at how little Harry cares for gender roles, as he has shown us time and time again.

While at first, some people were quick to call this outfit boring or under-dressed, the campiness of it is in the details. Harry Lambert, Harry Styles' long-time stylist and friend, told Vogue, "I think everyone was expecting Harry to be in sequins, bright colors, and a crown, but we decided on a different type of 'camp' that hopefully would surprise. After such a colorful tour wardrobe it is nice to do something a little unexpected. This look is about taking traditionally feminine elements like the frills, heeled boots, sheer fabric, and the pearl earring, but then rephrasing them as masculine pieces set against the high-waisted tailored trousers and his tattoos. The look, I feel, is elegant. It's camp, but still Harry."

With Styles' look, we can see just how much the two Harry's (Harry, squared?) studied the camp aesthetic and carefully brought it to life in a look that Harry Styles would still be comfortable wearing. Harry even pierced his ear specifically for the event. I mean, come on, talk about dedication. Harry has been a tremendous influence in blurring the lines between men and women's fashion, in his partnerships with Gucci and otherwise, and the Met was no exception. No one could have pulled this off better than Harry Styles, and I could not be more proud.

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