Anywhere you go, you will find differing social classes. There are definitely evidence of different social classes here at Creighton University. It becomes apparent through a multitude of ways. One of which is the clothes that people wear.

There are some students who wear brands that are known for being extremely expensive and then there are those who wear clothes that are from a thrift shops or even stores that are known for having cheaper alternatives. Those who wear brand names usually are of a higher social class. Another way that social classes are shown are through how much you spend off campus.

You know those friends who are always at Target or eating out and then there are those who stick to there meal plans almost religiously. Usually those who eat out or spend money more often than most are in a higher social class. This is a little trickier to figure out because some students come from affluent families who may not have access to that wealth and by this circumstance are in a different predicament.

That is something I have wondered about. Would you classify someone into the social class of their family or their own as an individual? In my mind I look at everyone as an individual; therefore, I would classify those who come from a wealthy background and still are frugal with their money into a different social class as their family.

In conclusion, there is a variety of social class on this campus; however, sometimes it is difficult to tell just by observing one’s actions and appearance.