So, let me get this right... you grieved over the loss of Mac Miller, a man you probably never met personally, and cried over how sad and tragic addiction is when Demi relapsed again, but.... you condemn the people you grew up with because they're "low-lives who made the choice to try drugs even though they knew the consequences"?
Got it.

Oh, and if you were one of the many people blaming Ariana for Mac's death because she left him in his worst time, while you purposely avoid any of your old pals or acquaintances who are depressed or using, well.... you have zero room to talk.

If you're going to pity one person for being an addict, you better be pitying every user otherwise you're just a part of the greater problem. Demi relapsed after 6 years of sobriety and Mac overdosed at only 26 years of age. If they couldn't beat this "choice", as you like to call it, even with all of their support and money, how do you ever expect the person walking down the street in your hometown to overcome it?

Instead of arguing whether it's a choice or disease and hating the people with addictions that you do know while idolizing the celebrities you really don't, why can't we all come together to work towards a solution so no one else has to lose their life over it?