Every so often a movie comes along that is so terrible, so painstakingly abysmal, that it becomes entertaining because of how horrible it is. Even though these films were made with the best of intentions, they failed miserably and represent the mud of the film industry.

However, that does not mean they cannot end up being funny!

Let's take a look at some of the worst movies ever that are still worth the watch!

1. "The Room"

"The Room" is hailed as the crown jewel of the "so bad it's good" genre. Complete with a narrative that makes little to no sense, dialogue that is more often utterly pointless than it is necessary, and some of the most awkward and drawn-out sex scenes in cinema, the film is a barrel of laughs that absolutely everyone needs to see. For real. It is possibly the best comedy I have ever seen.

2. "Batman & Robin"

This movie was so bad that its own director Joel Schumacher had to apologize for it. There are quite a few corny happenings, ridiculous one-liners, a "Bat-Credit Card", and an obvious scheme to sell more toys. At this point, "Batman" had really reached "rock-bottom", but that doesn't mean we cannot laugh at it! Check it out, especially if you are into the corniness of the original TV show.

3. "Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party"

I cannot even begin to explain the overreaching, ridiculous claims, and crazy assumptions made by D'Souza in each of his films. Anyone who has ever cracked open a history book can begin to understand that nowhere in any of D'Souza's "films," which are really just pro-Trump propaganda pieces, is there any factual evidence. Historians have continually poked fun at D'Souza's attempts to sway the uninformed, and if you are a history buff, I am sure you will too.

4. "Sharknado"

Most people have heard of the straight-to-home-video concoction that involves sharks flying around with tornados. Do I really need to go on? Super low budget with hilarious special effects and acting. Check it out!

5. "Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2"

The very first "Silent Night, Deadly Night" really was not that bad. Then, this piece of crap happened that in really no way (except a few plot points thrown in to connect the two) was connected to the first. Instead, we just get the story of an angsty teenager with a violent Santa obsession who is judging people who end up on the naughty list. Yeah, it is as stupid as I have described it, but give it a watch anyways for a good laugh!