10 Things To Do When You're Snowed-In
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10 Things To Do On A Lazy Snow Day

When you're snowed in and can't leave home, you can find a cure for boredom with these 10 things.


Everyone loves a good lazy day with no work or school but, when the lazy days finally come, it seems like some of us just get bored. So, here is a compromised list of fun - and maybe even new - things to do or try on a day where the snow has rendered you unable to leave your home!

1. Read a book 

I know, I know. You've heard it all before. "If you're bored just read this!" But it's actually a good idea. Just figure out what kind of genre you like and get going. Even if you don't have the physical copy at home, you could always check iBooks (for iPhones) or whatever equivalent that Android phones have.

2. Play a video game 

Even if you don't have a Playstation or XBox, you could still use your laptop or even your phone. For your phone, I recommend the House Flip game (all my fellow Fixer Upper fans will appreciate this one) or Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

3. Binge watch a new show 

No, do not rewatch "The Office," "Friends," "Grey's Anatomy" or any other super typical Netflix TV show again. Try something new. I recommend shows like "Fixer Upper," "Brooklyn 99," or "Fear the Walking Dead" (on Hulu) or "Supernatural," "Dynasty," or "Reign" (on Netflix).

4. Try a new recipe 

When you're snowed in, obviously you can't just go to the grocery store to buy ingredients to cook with. You can, however, cook with what you already have. If you don't know how to look for recipes using what ingredients you have, you could also use apps like Supercook or Epicurious. They allow you to type in what ingredients you have on hand and then they give you recipes that would fit your current supply (not to mention the instructional videos for additional help).

5. Watch a new movie 

Similar to binge-watching a new TV series, you could always just watch a new movie or just an old movie you haven't seen yet. I know some popular classics like "A Clockwork Orange," "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (on Netflix), or "Citizen Kane" would be perfect for those into older movies. If you're not into older movies, you could try scouring Netflix or Hulu for movie picks. Just try your best to watch something you've never seen before!

6. Start a journal 

Whether it's on your computer or in an actual notebook, journaling is not only fun but also relaxing. You can write about how stressed you've been feeling lately, or something that's been bothering you. Feel free to add decoration or graphics to it to make it prettier or more aesthetically pleasing.

7. Online shop 

Not only is Amazon a great shopping app, but try apps that are more specific to what you're looking for. For example, when I'm looking for clothes I'll use ThredUP, but when I'm looking for makeup I'll use Ipsy. Use apps like Hitlist to shop for your dream vacation!

8. Clean and organize 

I know this one sounds pretty lame, but it's actually such a good stress reliever. It's also a lot easier -- in my opinion -- to do it while your roommates aren't home or if you don't have any roommates. Scrub the kitchen, dust the floor, organize your closet and make a bag of clothes you no longer wear. Cleaning can be so much more fun than people think.

9. Exercise 

Follow a short cardio routine on YouTube, or even try yoga.

10. SLEEP!

One of the best parts about not doing anything all day is the ability to be able to catch up on some well-needed sleep. Take a load off and cuddle with some blankets, it'll be a good nap.

Although many of these suggestions seem pretty basic in retrospect, I hope some of my more specific examples help you somewhere down the line this winter.

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