Smidge's Interpretations Of Dartmouth Traditions

Smidge's Interpretations Of Dartmouth Traditions

Yes, you read that right. Perspectives of a guide dog.

Homecoming weekend is arguably one of the most fun weekends to be at Dartmouth. Not only is it great to have some alums come home, it’s also fun to take part in unique Dartmouth traditions. Though Smidge tends to usually skip homecoming celebrations because, hello, she’s a dog and that wouldn’t always be safe. But in the spirit of homecoming here are Smidge’s thoughts on a few Dartmouth Traditions

Running around the fire

It is so hot! These humans are ridiculous. At school we learned to keep my human far away from fire. But all the humans want to do is touch it. Do they even school? Why are you making job harder for Smidge?

Wearing flair

Do these humans not own any normal clothing? They wear so many different shades of gray!

Playing Pong

Ball! Ball! Ball… Ball! I’ve never had so many people want to play fetch and this floor tastes AMAZING!

First year trips

You know I could get used to this. Smidge loves woods. Master goes to the bathroom with Smidge outside finally. Human training is working well. Humans are weird with their aggressive dancing and outrageous choices of clothing. Smidge is enjoying this leave no trace behind. Master is working on new tick called “yum yum”. I try really hard to make sure I help my humans out by eating everything possible. I think I’m doing a good job with that.

Football games

There are large people running around after a strangely shaped ball. I have never encountered humans who are as enthusiastic about catching balls as I am. This is fantastic!

Princeton Vs. Dartmouth Hockey Game

This. Is. Amazing. I look like a hockey player. I could definitely get on the ice. I need to get to the tennis balls. How many do you think I can fit in my mouth? You’re right, I can definitely fit all of them in my mouth!

Ledyard Challenge

I’ve been telling these people they should ditch the clothes… Finally, they’ve decided to listen. I could definitely handle the run but the swim seems pretty far. I have been working on my doggy paddle though, I bet I could do it. Luckily for me I won’t need to leave clothes on the dock.

Lous challenge

I’m sorry, but do these people ever sleep? Sleep is great. Sleep and walks. And squirrels. why are they staying up all night? So this is human fun. This was fun for like an hour but I reallyyy don’t want to stargaze or skinny dip anymore. Do I have to come? You guys can handle things on your own if I nap right? Okay good, I’ll be on your bed, that’s cool right?

Polar bear plunge

I just don’t get it. Why do all these people want to be wet and cold?? I guess I like swimming when its hot out (though I’m still a little traumatized from falling into the lake that one time), but I get very grumpy when it snows or rains and I have to be wet and cold all day. Plus Staci makes me wear these stupid snow boots and it would be such a pain to get those off just to jump in Occum! No thank you I am fine skipping this one.

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49. "I love our room."

50. "What would I do without you guys???"

Cover Image Credit: Hannah Gabaldon

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Fate or Coincidence? Personal Examples That I'd Like To Think Support The Existence of Fate

"52% of Americans say they believe in fate" regardless of religion or spiritual belief.


*Disclaimer: article is somewhat gushy?? Because it's all about Brady!*

The other day, I had turned on one of my favorite oldies stations on the radio and two of my most favorite songs played back to back. It was "Just What I Needed" by The Cars and "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club. So I mean, those aren't particularly popular songs or songs that necessarily get played everyday. Maybe "Karma Chameleon", but certainly not "Just What I Needed." In fact I can't remember that song ever having been played on any of my bookmarked oldies stations when I have them turned on. And I couldn't believe the same station had played both of my most favorite, not so common songs in a row! I thought that had to have been some sort of sign that I was going to have a great day (because I was on the way to work at that moment) or something. So, this instance is what sparked my interest in writing this article!

This is something that I have been thinking about and personally studying for a large portion of my life. I have always believed in the mantra "everything happens for a reason" or "it was meant to be" and the idea of fate and destiny. And I don't mean the idea of free will or karma -- those I believe are a little bit different. In this article, I will be discussing quite a few examples regarding my boyfriend Brady. Many occurrences have happened surrounding my relationship and it makes me really happy actually.

I really like how Kelsey Dallas explains her idea of fate in her Desert News article: "When it comes to fate, even non-believers believe." She says that "religious faith isn't required to credit a supernatural force with controlling earthly events" and I completely agree. People don't always require "God or some other higher power" to credit the "rhyme and reason in their daily lives."

So, the following are examples of instances that I think are just too good to be simply coincidence or chance happenings:

1. Brady asking me to be his girlfriend

The night that me and Brady made things official, we had gone to a little playground/park area somewhere in San Diego. I have always enjoyed making wishes at 11:11 am/pm and I always try to do so whenever I happen to notice it. I also enjoy making wishes on dandelions and blowing their fuzz into the wind. So that night, it was 11:11 or around that time and I had found the biggest dandelion I had ever seen just sitting there in the grass at that park. This was probably the sixth or seventh date I had gone on with Brady and I was so head over heels for him and so obviously I wished on the dandelion for Brady to ask me to officially be his girlfriend. I had been hoping for this for days now, not just that night so it doesn't seem like a coincidence to me exactly. But then, sometime after midnight that night, he asked me.

2. Brady's Jeep

As many young men do, Brady knows quite a thing or two about cars. He probably has a list of cars that he would love to go out and buy, and I think he almost has bought others before the Jeep. But I think he's always liked the idea of a Jeep Wrangler to go off-roading with. So then, of course, he ends up buying a dark green Jeep Wrangler that looks very similar to my dad's old Wrangler. Brady's is "tank green" while my dads was "forest green" or something. The green Wranglers are quite unique and not very common, so I just think it's quite interesting that they both buy similar cars out of all the possible cars in the world. And I really like my dad, and it's commonly believed to be true that girls are often attracted to guys that remind them of their fathers. So, there's that!

3. My move to San Diego

Well actually, this example is more of a generalized, common thought. Lots of young girls probably imagine themselves going off to college and finding someone to settle down with there, and I am no exception. When making my decision as to where I was going to go to college, I don't think I really had a good reason as to why I chose to move to San Diego and go to San Diego State. But something just moved me and convinced me to go to SDSU and make a life down in San Diego. And then practically as soon as I got there, I met Brady! It was sometime around Thanksgiving Break of my freshman year.

Was it fate that brought me here to Brady? As cheesy and awfully cringe as that sounds, that's just what I believe happened. How could it be possible that I end up meeting somebody completely by chance that I happen to click with 100%. And sure, that seems to happen all over the world that two people are somehow brought together by chance. But I feel like some people maybe bond over liking similar things like the same tv show or music. But me and Brady bond over the tiniest, most insignificant things like our favorite brand of pen. And well, while everyone probably feels the exact same way about their own relationships, I just think this can't be a coincidence that I find someone who also

4. My tattoo idea

So, when I was maybe about fifteen years old, I had absolutely loved (and still do today) the song "Satellite" by Rise Against. To this day, I don't think I know a single person who likes, let alone knows, the band Rise Against besides Brady and one of his best friends. I think the lyrics of "Satellite" are so beautiful and profound and I decided that I wanted to get a lyrics tattoo from the song. But I don't think I would ever be able to choose just one line to get as a tattoo so I really wanted to just get the entire song tattooed on my back or something.

Obviously, I would never do that, but that's just how strong and attached I felt about this song. Anyways, I think it's wonderfully insane that something so small and random could tie two people together that had met seemingly by chance. And while, yes, Rise Against is a very popular band among some people, I don't think any of my friends even know what that is. I think it's wild that I wanted to get a hugely meaningful tattoo of something that Brady is such a diehard fan of. Just imagine if I had already had the tattoo or if "Satellite" was Brady's favorite Rise Against song. It's just such an obscure and completely by chance thing to have happened -- it must be fate!

5. Stagecoach

In the process of meeting Brady, I was just dying to go to Stagecoach music festival and I was hoping that would be something Brady would want to do with me. I wanted "someone to take me to Stagecoach," and just my luck, Brady lives within walking distance to a little park/playground called Stagecoach Park. So indeed, I had found someone to take me to Stagecoach. :)

6. My name

Brady claims, and his family can confirm, that he would never date a girl named Hannah because of his past experience with a strange girl named Hannah. And then, of course, he dates a girl named Hannah. And Hannah isn't necessarily a common name.

And so, I'm not saying that these are events or examples that offer undeniable proof or evidence. I realize that they are not necessarily life-altering to others besides myself. And I also understand that oftentimes the belief in fate or destiny is solely a comfort or reassurance tactic. Therefore, I ask you to take my article with a grain of salt! But also, take the time to think back on your own life and try to reminisce on the times where you thought, "maybe this was meant to be!" I think we can all agree that although fate or destiny may not be real, it sure feels great to think about.

Cover Image Credit:

Hannah Goldstone

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