10 Bad Ideas That Are Still Smarter Than Arming Teachers
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10 Bad Ideas That Are Still Smarter Than Arming Teachers

The problem isn't a lack of guns in schools.

10 Bad Ideas That Are Still Smarter Than Arming Teachers

After every school shooting, the idea to arm teachers resurfaces and the debates ensue. Pro-gun activists list ways it would be helpful and nearly every seventh grade math teacher across the country reiterates the fact that they don't want to yield guns and that they'd rather have adequate school supplies.

We haven't had 18 shootings on school campuses because there is a lack of guns on school grounds. The last thing we need to do is arm teachers. We need guns to be regulated and access to guns to be limited to those with background checks and mental evaluations.

Since lawmakers want to suggest something as ridiculous as arming teachers, here are 10 ideas we should also consider:

1. Pickle-flavored toothpaste

I thought cotton candy-flavored was bad, I can't even imagine pickle-flavored. Still, I'd take this over my teachers being armed.

2. Three-wheeled car

Just like gun control, this car just needs a little more... balance.

3. This car tray that attaches to your... steering wheel?

This makes no sense. (Just like arming teachers.)

4. Hairy leg tights


5. Licki

Yes, this is a brush that you put in your mouth to lick/brush your cat to your heart's content. No, we don't need it. Just like we don't need armed teachers.

6. Fully cooked chicken (in a can)

I'll stick to grilling my chicken and teachers can stick to... teaching.

7. Diet water

When zero calories is just too many.

8. Colored contact lenses

Ah, middle school.

9. Stroller/skateboard hybrid

This seems dangerous and dumb, but it's not as dangerous and dumb as arming teachers.

10. A handle for your can

Why would you carry your can when you can carry around a piece of plastic to carry your can for you?

Arming teachers isn't the answer. Surrounding children with more guns isn't going to eliminate the threat of someone bringing a gun onto school grounds.

President Donald Trump's claim that "ATTACKS WOULD END" if teachers were armed makes no sense. Being armed doesn't prevent someone else from being armed. Policemen get shot while carrying. Presidents are assassinated while being guarded by the secret service. More guns won't stop bullets.

People aren't dying because there aren't enough guns. Children and adults alike are being brutally murdered because gun control in this country is lacking. (Note: I said gun control, not a gun ban, there's a difference.)

We don't need more guns in schools. Let's start with paying teachers a reasonable wage.

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