Unfortunately, small towns mean limited options when it comes to entertainment. This is not only inconvenient but also a big change from college campus life. Suddenly, gone are the days of always having something to do.

1. Before summer begins, you make a ton of plans to try to save yourself from doing nothing.

When you live in a small town, making plans for the summer is a must. If you don't try and make any plans,you know you will be in for a looong summer spent doing absolutely nothing by yourself. Because of this you usually start the summer off thinking that you will be having fun 24/7.

2. You end up watching copious amounts of TV.


When you run out of summer plans and you live in the middle of nowhere, watching TV ends up being the best way for you to avoid boredom. When you start completing entire TV series in a couple days you begin to question if there are better ways you could be spending your time, until you remember that you are quite literally surrounded by cornfields so you stop feeling so guilty.

3. The fair is the most exciting part of the summer.

Small towns love their county fairs! It will undeniably be one of the most exciting and crowded events you attend this summer. Even if farm animals aren't exactly your thing, there is plenty of good food that makes the trip worth it.

4. You have to come to terms with the fact that there is nothing to do.

Living in a small town for the summer can be hard after you got used to enjoying the endless options that college offered. Knowing that you will likely be bored sometime during the summer makes actually being bored more bearable.

5. Trying to avoid people you know whenever you go out in public.

Everyone knows everyone in small towns. This makes avoiding the people you haven't spoken to since graduation especially difficult. A trip to the grocery or any of the local restaurants means a high potential of running into someone you know. While it can sometimes be nice catching up with the people you haven't heard from, it usually turns out to be painfully awkward.

6. The prospect of vacation is exciting.

When you live in a small town, the prospect of a summer vacation in a new place seems like the perfect escape. You know that there will be plenty of new things to do and try, which makes vacation seem like a luxury.

7. You don't get to see any of your college friends.

When none of your college friends live nearby, it makes the summer even more dreadful. You are constantly jealous of college friends who happen to be from the same big cities and can still hang out all of the time.

8. Realizing that it might have been a boring summer, but at least you weren't at school.

Even though small towns can be a bummer during the summer, in the end you are still thankful for the break from school work that it provided.

9. When people ask what you did over the summer

When you return to campus, one of the worst icebreakers you will have to endure is telling your classmates you did nothing while you listen to what their exciting summer was like.

Even if you do find yourself wishing you lived in a more exciting place this summer, hopefully you are able to appreciate the uniqueness of spending your time there. No matter how bored you find yourself this summer, when school rolls around in the fall, you'll find yourself reminiscing on those summer days spent doing nothing.