I see it all the time; girls with small boob wear the cutest outfits I've ever seen.

It's tough out here for girls with big boobs, especially during the summer. Our outfit choices are often limited to shirts that can properly cover our huge bras, which excludes backless and off-the-shoulder looks.

And I get it, sometimes people decide to show their bras as a style choice, but that's almost impossible for girls with large chests. I mean, have you seen the bras they make for us? They are literally so ugly and so bland. No cute patterns, no fun colors, nothing. And barrettes? Forget about it! I know there are some lingerie companies that make fun bras for the bigger girls, but they're far too expensive for every-day wear.

The consequences of this are pretty obvious; the girls in the cute outfits are more likely to catch a guy's eye. I know the stereotype is that girls with big boobs always get the attention, but I can attest to that being completely false. It's tough to get a guy's attention when you're stuck in a boring t-shirt.

People will often ask me how busty celebrities wear cute outfits without their bras showing, and the answer is tape. Boob tape is always an option, but that seems like an awful lot of effort for the average person.

A girl in a cute, colorful summer outfit is going to quickly attract attention, especially when she's able to expose their backs and shoulders. I've always envied that look, and although it is possible for me to go braless, I'd prefer to not have my boobs hang down to my bellybutton, especially when I'm sitting. Plus, I think I'd give myself a black eye going down some stairs.

Bathing suits are another huge win for the small boobs. I had to quit wearing bikinis because no top could properly fit me. Companies will happily make tops that my fists barely fit into, yet stop at about a C-cup. It's unfair and extremely cruel that women with large breasts have to search high and low to eventually end up with a ridiculously priced top that still barely fits.

I envy the small chested girls, I really do. They don't know how easy they have it. Shopping for clothes is probably a breeze when all the models look like you. But for me and almost all the other busty girls of the world, we just have to work with what we've got and find some other way to catch someone's eye.