Instagram Deactivated @SluttyGrlProbs

It doesn't matter whether you know what Slutty Girl Problems is or not. The problem lies with Instagram's blatant misogyny.

Instagram is going on a sex-positive censorship spree. It has banned so many sex education-oriented feeds, including Slutty Girl Problems. There isn't a problem with a positive outlook on sex. The problem is Instagram's negativity towards all types of sex-talk.

But we are not ashamed. We are taking back the word "slut."

Founder Lorrae Bradbury claims, "We have heard from dozens of other educators, artists, activists & women in the feminist empowerment community who have had their accounts deactivated or silenced."

WTF? Sexual words are now banned. Non-graphic features are now banned.

Barely-censored, misinformed pornographic pictures are still up. Sexist posts are still up. Racist posts are still up. Homophobic posts are still up. I could go on and on about the offensive content still being passed around on Instagram.

I mean, how many non-consensual dick pics blow up our DMs every day? 10? 15? 20? I can't even count anymore.

Free speech, right? Not when it comes to sex education.

Does our society really have such a phobia of sexuality, pleasure, and body empowerment?

Slutty Girl Problems is committed to (self-identified) women's empowerment, safe sex, living a confident life, favorable relationships, and all the in-betweens. Is that so wrong? We can't talk about abusive relationships, but you can post "comedic" memes about violently attacking a partner. We can't motivate women, but you can tear them down with hurtful, derogatory comments. We can't own our sexuality, but you can use us for your own pleasure.

Lorrae is not alone in this determination to fight against the shame and stigma around women's sexuality. She has bravely shared her personal stories about sexual assault and abuse. She didn't have to do this, but she did and so many people of all sexualities are grateful. We need to build one another up, not break each other down — we've heard this a thousand times before. It's the same old story.

In a world full of false information, we need this safe conversation for all communities. Sex education is essential for the well-being of everyone. These messages must be shared instead of prohibited.

"It also makes education less accessible to younger generations, who are increasingly turning to social media to learn" – Lorrae Bradbury

I was one of the lucky ones who received all-inclusive sex education from a tiny, suburban public school. Not everyone has this. Most people learn from unrealistic porn, distorted rumors, etc.

Therefore, these sex-positive, body-positive resources from experts provide excellent education for everyone. Safety and happiness come first. When you're embarrassed to ask your friends, family, doctor, and when Google just isn't enough, Slutty Girl Problems is here for you. No question is ever judged. No matter how kinky, how "dirty," how intimate.

Instagram, I'm talking to you: Get Rid Of The Stigma.

I talk about sex and I'm not close to being done. Deal with it.
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