Listen up gentle people, here is a broadcast to be aware of. There is no such thing as a slut. Neither in terms of clothing, nor in people, and especially not women. ‘’Slut is an attitude projected onto girls and women by a sexist society that is alarmed when they take control and make their own decisions’’. If looked up in a modern dictionary, the there entrenched definition would be a ‘woman who has many causal sex partners’, as opposed to the more date ‘a woman with low standards of cleanliness’. Thats right, a slut was merely someone who was a little too lazy to live in an organised environment, but somehow that turned into discriminating against girls for enjoying sex however much and with whoever they choose. Slut is amongst the many words that are used to base an entire girl’s character off of a single act, one for which most guys would be idolised for. A guy who frequently engages in sex or is in a relationship is often seem to be less defined by it, more noticeable due to their participation in sports or for what profession they do, whereas women are taught that their number one goal in life remains to score themselves a man, preferably ‘The One’ or ‘Mr Right’. A woman who is not in a relationship is always assumed to be looking for one or if not it must be cause they’re either lesbian or they’re crazy. The borderline is, relationships are something you should have whenever, and only then, you are ready. Although society might be trying to sell you the idea of a ‘package deal’, preparing you for your future partner and selling you all kinds of stuff that would let you find them faster or keep them interested, it’s important to remember that there is no rush and there is no need. If you are not in one right now its most likely because you either don’t want to be, or cause you haven't found anyone quite deserving of your awesomeness yet. And whether or if it will happen is completely up to you, much like the way you life your life. For someone who enjoys having sex, and a lot of it (maybe with different people), that’s great, amazing, fantastic; it doesn't have to mean that they are selling themselves or are cheap. Just as choosing to wait is a personal preference and not something forced onto you by a higher power. Live and let live.

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