Dear Stores, Let’s Chill with the Halloween Candy

Dear Stores, Let’s Chill with the Halloween Candy

P.S. This doesn't just apply to the 4 holidays I talked about. Keep this in mind for every single one no matter how big or small!


I know I am certainly not the only one that is shocked when walking into the store to purchase a last-minute piece to your Halloween costume and you are over stimulated with Christmas lights with no sign of Halloween to be found anywhere. Or when you're relaxing at the beach in July and you hear a commercial ad for school outfits and supplies.

I went into a store today and there is already candy corn and packaged Halloween candy out. It is the beginning of August and bathing suit sections are already being taken down. We still have vacations to go on! School hasn't started yet. But I guess we are out of luck...

Don't get me wrong, I love holidays. I already have a countdown to Christmas. But this constant rushing in and ushering out of holiday and seasonal clothing months before the actual holiday, is unnecessary. Every year on the night of Christmas, I say how I can't believe its over. Each year it goes faster and faster and I think that's because of the build up we have created. It just boils down to the rushed society that we live in. Everything is the constant move from point A to point B, from one thing to the next. We don't take time to be present and to enjoy life in the moment, to enjoy the day.

Halloween is over… boom…onto Thanksgiving…day after, wake up at 2 am for those Black Friday sales and in comes the Christmas season. Did we stop to think about the meaning of the holiday? Or did we spend half of Thanksgiving planning out Black Friday sales. Did the meaning of Christmas get lost in the shuffle of shopping and presents and toys?

So as the summer ends and the bombardment of back to school commercials turns into Halloween and then Black Friday and Christmas, remember to stop and enjoy the time around you. No matter who you celebrate with-family and friends, or whatever holiday you celebrate, however you do it, ENJOY it.

P.S. This doesn't just apply to the 4 holidays I talked about. Keep this in mind for every single one no matter how big or small!

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6 Major Health Benefits Of A Crazy Road Trip

Take that sick road trip you've been wanting to go on, it's actually super good for your health.


We all have a crazy adventure planned, that we live out solely through our Pinterest boards. It wasn't until recently, when I myself took the trip of a lifetime with two of my best friends, that I realized how good road trips can actually be for both your mind AND body.

Driving = Hippocampus Expansion

Taylor Kellogg

Driving, especially long distances, helps your brain with spatial reasoning. A Sunny Afternoon explains that driving actually helps this region of the brain make calculations and increases brain power. Kinda like sudoku... but on wheels.

New places, faces and experiences = MENTAL WORKOUT

Taylor Kellogg

Think of all the cool things you will see, the hundreds of different people you could meet, and the awesome places you'll explore. This overload of new information to process will help your brain build its capacity.


Taylor Kellogg

Fresh air and sunshine is the key to bettering your mind, which leads to bettering your body. Not only do your lungs get a break from pollution-filled air, but the sun boosts the Vitamin D levels in your body to put you in a better mood.

Good company = good mood.

Taylor Kellogg

Choose your travel buddies wisely. Yes, you'll be stuck in the car with them for a LONG period of time, but they also can help with your mental health. The happier you are and the more you laugh, the bigger boost your serotonin levels will get.

You (most likely) will get a lot of good exercise.

Taylor Kellogg

OK, hear me out... I know being cooped up in the car on a road trip isn't very good exercise. It's so important to pick a place that features some sort of physical aspect (I just took a hiking trip to a few national parks in Utah) so you can stretch those legs.

Your mind will thank you for finally going tech-free.

Taylor Kellogg

We're all obsessed with our phones (you are... admit it). Going on a road trip is the perfect way to go unplugged and give your eyes/mind a rest. Less smartphone/email/social media time means less stress.

If you need some backup for convincing your parents to let you go on a road trip, show them this article. You're welcome and travel safe!!!

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Everyone in the world, has an individual dream. Whether it be their life dream, their dream vacation, their dream job, their dream family, their dream partner in life, their forever dream. Dreams are what drive us to be the best people we can be. Chase the stars. Here is a poem to remind everyone to never forget their dreams....



"Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow"

By: Langston Hughes

Dreams are what keep me going everyday. The dream of my life. The dream to live where I want. The dream to do what I want. The dream to conquer the world. The dream to succeed. The dream to be happy in my own life.

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