9 Sloth Facts to Brighten Your Day!

9 Sloth Facts to Brighten Your Day!

Sloths have been very influential on the internet this past year, but how much do you really know about sloths?

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Recently, the adorably slow creatures known as sloths have been taking the internet by storm with their sluggish movements and cute faces. Buzzfeed surprised one of their employees with a surprise visit from this phenomenal mammal, "Zootopia" has a DMV full of sloths, and even memes aren't safe from the cuteness! But how much do you actually know about sloths? Here are nine facts so we can all appreciate what it means to be a sloth!

1. It takes an entire month for sloths to digest one leaf.

2. Cows and sloths have a lot in common! They both have stomachs with multiple chambers.

3. Sloths do almost everything upside-down, and their fur grows outwardly as a result.

4. Sloths risk their lives once every week to climb down to the ground and go to the bathroom.

5. Sloths move so little, algae grows on their backs.

6. The species of a sloth depends on the number of claws they have on their front feet.

7. When confronted by another animal, sloths can defend themselves with their teeth, claws, and shrieking.

8. A sloth's favorite place to sleep in the fork of a tree, and comes down only to go to the bathroom or swim.

9. Bradypus, or "sloth" in Greek, means "slow feet." Sloth move at such a speed so that they only move six to eight feet per minute.

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