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The 8 Most Slept-On Artists In 2019

Eight singers and bands that deserve way more recognition than they receive.

The 8 Most Slept-On Artists In 2019
Olivia Zidzik

Especially in 2019, avid music listeners are always gunning for the most unique taste in music. Here are eight amazing bands and singers (with some honorable mentions) that are on the come-up that you definitely need to know about. DISCLAIMER: I am 100% not saying I have the most original taste in music! You may have heard of several of these artists, and I do not doubt that you have heard at least one song from all of these talented individuals and group. All I am saying is there are smaller artists who need a (pardon my French) heck of a lot more attention than what they are getting now.

Quinn XCII (pronounced “Quinn 92”)

Quinn XCII

For lovers of all genres: I would scream this from every rooftop if I could. Quinn XCII is a Detroit-native (represent, baby!) singer/songwriter, and the best way I have ever heard someone describe his music is "It's like reggae, but it's also like rap, but it's also like indie? I dunno." His super relatable lyrics will get you deep in your feels. Want to be sad? "Panama." Happy? "Another Day in Paradise." In love? "Good Thing Go." Just want to have a solid laugh? "Tough" featuring Noah Kahan. His stage presence is absolutely unreal and his concerts by far have been my favorite. He just released his sophomore studio album, "From Michigan, With Love" in February. I fell in love with it at first listen, and I think you might, too.

Maybe you have heard: "Flare Guns" featuring Chelsea Cutler

My favorite bop: literally his entire discography… please go show him some love

Joey Purp

Joey Purp

For lovers of rap: If you love Chance the Rapper or Vic Mensa, Joey Burp is for you. Although I have not dived super into his music, he is one to look out for on Billboard Top 100 charts. The instrumentals in his music speak for themselves, and coupled with his creative and often punny lyrical content, it is an absolute shock that this guy is not dominating the hip-hop industry. After you put him on your rap playlist, you will be walking around campus to the beat of his songs without realizing it.

Maybe you have heard: "Elastic"

My favorite bop: "Girls @" featuring Chance the Rapper

Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion

For lovers of contemporary R&B: You have definitely heard Jon Bellion's single "All Time Low" (you know - the song that says "low" approximately 175 times in three-minute thirty-seven second period), and I am here to advocate that he has so much more to offer than that. He has been slowly climbing up on the pop culture ladder. Everything from the way he interacts with his fans to his attention to detail regarding album art is admirable and not appreciated enough. In some songs, certain notes or noises will only play in one speaker, or you will hear some 8D audio on a track - he just takes the time to do little things that other artists do not. His newest album, "Glory Sound Prep", is angelic. Point-blank period. He is one of my favorite artists of all-time, and I encourage you to hop on him before the radio does.

Maybe you have heard: "Stupid Deep"

My favorite bop: "Simple & Sweet"

Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay

For lovers of Country: "Country love songs sound a lot better when you have someone to think about as you listen to them" was a quote from my sister when she started listening to the genre, and this is absolutely applicable for Dan + Shay. You have certainly heard of this amazing country-duo - they have had their own headlining tours and their songs play on pop and country radio stations. Although their massive successes speak for themselves, I feel as though a majority of their listeners have only heard the songs circulating the radio, and they have so much more to offer. Dive into more of their unknown and unpopular songs and you will not regret it.

Maybe you have heard: "Tequila"

My favorite bop: "Make or Break"

Rex Orange County

Rex Orange County

For lovers of Alternative: You have certainly seen this name thrown around recently, especially after his debut on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon". Rex Orange County's music is extremely chill and something you would typically hear in a small coffee house. Although his music is great for just being in the background, his lyrics are rich and catchy. He kicked off 2019 with a new single, "New House", and he is only going up from here.

Maybe you have heard: "Loving Is Easy"

My favorite bop: "Uno"

San Cisco

San Cisco

For lovers of indie pop: If you have heard of this band, I will be utterly dumbfounded. I discovered San Cisco back in 2013 when I visited my grandparents in Perth, Australia. This is one of those bands that you forget exists every six months or so, but when you revisit their music you like it more and more. Their quirky music style and appearance keep you constantly hooked.

Maybe you have heard: "About You"

My favorite bop: "Skool"

Chelsea Cutler

Chelsea Cutler

For lovers of pop: Wow, another artist signed to Visionary Music Group. If you listened to Quinn XCII and that did not get you in your feels, Chelsea Cutler will finish the job. Her voice and style are extremely unique, and she also has an insane stage presence. I met her when I met Quinn XCII, and the Detroit show was her first tour in her career. It has been amazing seeing her evolve into the artist she is today, and I am so hyped to see the things that she will do in the future.

Maybe you have heard: "Your Shirt"

My favorite bop: "AF1s"

Saint Motel

Saint Motel

For lovers of indie rock: If you are a big fan of David Dobrik, you have heard Saint Motel songs in his outros without realizing this. My first impression of this band was when they opened for Panic! at the Disco a few years back. Their set from their song selection to their stage design was stunning, and their bubbly and unique sound is unlike any other band I have heard.

Maybe you have heard: "My Type"

My favorite bop: "Move"

Honorable mentions... in other words, artists that I do not know enough about, but I just know they go underappreciated:

YGTUT (hip hop/rap)
Declan McKenna (indie-rock)
Barns Courtney (pop-folk)
Pink Sweat$ (R&B/soul)
Brandon Lay (country)

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