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Slave To The Rave: EDM Is On The Rise

EDM goes against many common assumptions.

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Fuzzy boots, kandi, sparkly bras and neon colors. Sweaty dj's, flashing lights, thousands of people, and confetti. Raves are major part of contemporary culture across the globe, especially with the continuous growing support for Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Many think raves are just a dangerous place for kids to do drugs and get hurt, which clearly shows they haven't been to such an event. There is so much more beyond that. 

Electronic dance music unites people in a misunderstood and complex way. Peace, love, unity, and respect (plur) is the underlying motto at raves and after attending my first few EDM concerts such as Flosstradamus, Duck Sauce, Dada Life, and Adventure Club, I've never felt that it's more true. 

In comparison to the pushy, overwhelming and angry fans I've experienced at rap concerts such as A$AP Mob and Mac Miller or the crazed indie lovers at Two Door Cinema Club, the people at EDM concerts are often some of the most down to earth and respectful people I've met. Everyone is willing to help out a stranger in need with water, food, assistance, or whatever you need. Smiles are seen across everyone's faces. Everyone is just so happy to be where they are and to share the experience with the crowd, no matter how big or small. 

These people travel from all over the world to come together at some of the biggest EDM festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Ultra, and HARD & Escape events. In light of the 5-month mark since one of the most popular  recurring EDM concerts, Insomniac Events has just released of the promo vid for EDC 2015 as follows:

If all goes accordingly, EDC 2015 is going to be bigger than ever, although topping last years would be hard to beat. A friend of mine says, "It is impossible to describe all the love I felt in just one night at EDC... I met so many beautiful souls last night and made so many incredible memories which I know I'll remember my whole life. I've danced out any remaining negative energy inside me, and have been reminded by so many wonderful humans that we are all the same! Just painted with a different brush." 

This amazing insight has brought to my attention the unity experienced through this type of music and these types of events. Everyone is there to connect and share a beautiful experience, feel the unforgettable vibes with bass pumping through your body, and have a good time. 

In all, despite judgement from a more conservative folk, EDM goes against many common assumptions. It may look like a hot mess from the outside, but it's an experience that is, in some ways, indescribable. It has been growing more and more as the years pass, with new sounds, styles, and sub genres. So before you're one to judge, start saving your money and experience something for yourselves! 

p.s. EDC tickets go on sale December 1st ;)

A Southern Californian girl who seeks to explore the world and document just about everything - the good, the bad, and the outright ridiculous.

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