Skydiving: The Bucket List Experience
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Skydiving: The Bucket List Experience

Adjust your ALTITUDE!

Skydiving: The Bucket List Experience
Raehana Lorick

Is Skydiving for the faint of heart? To answer that question - the answer is maybe not! If you are afraid of heights or aren't an adrenaline junkie this MAY not be for you! Notice I say "may" because some people do get courage or muster up the courage when they see their friends do it (and survive of course) and they may decide to try it or of their friend or significant other does it with them at the same time (using two separate parachutes if course). You might land feeling distorted but hey- you did it right? So you can wipe that off your bucket list!

Skydiving used to be on my bucket list until I visited Aruba. On the last day of my four-day trip in Aruba before boarding my flight back home I booked my Skydiving experience with Skydive Aruba. I must say it was a really exciting experience as well as adrenaline pumping. I was so hyped for this experience. After paying and signing up at their little office container we left and headed to the private runway at Aruba's Airport. On the ride there I signed away my life to Skydive Aruba (it was a waiver basically stating I can't hold them responsible for any mishaps, death etc. it is at my own risk). Okay don't be scared- I'm still alive to tell this story aren't I? I love taking risks, and I am sure my fellow adrenaline junkies and adventurers would agree!

We arrived at the airport and geared up in the lobby with the harnesses and then proceeded to our tiny airplane named P-4FUN. There were no seats in this plane though so we sat on the floor- I mean the airplane was to tiny even for seats honestly. I was told four people usually fit in there minus the pilot but thank God it was only my experienced skydiver and I! I mean, imagine five persons in that tiny aircraft and someone releases some really bad gas! (LOL). But that further goes to say that if you're claustrophobic or have panic attacks, maybe you shouldn't or don't think about it and work up that courage baby and face your fears! I also paid for a video of the skydiving experience so it was all being taped with a GoPro (I love GoPros by the way).

We arrived at an altitude of ten thousand feet up into the sky and the pilot stationed the aircraft. We placed on some fitted clear safety goggles and my experienced skydiver buckled and strapped our harnesses together with me positioned in front of him since he has the experience and the parachute of course. we sat in the mini aircraft with our feet hanging out. He noted that there would be ten seconds of free-fall and instructed on the count of five I jump out and when I do I arch my body in a position to resist the wind. "Ready?"...five...four...three...two...JUMP!

That face you make when you're about to jump out of a "fun plane" from 10,000 ft up!

That moment you're out the "fun plane"...but look at that view though!

Ahhhh...the life of a bird!

The adrenaline is pumping hard through my veins at this point with the ten-second free-fall, the gusty winds and some involuntary water springing from my eyes a bit I guess because of the altitude but the view though! That amazing eagle's eye view! So impressive it felt surreal. After the ten seconds, the parachute deployed resisting the air for us. As we floated across the skies, through the fluffy clouds we could see all the breathtaking views of the seas surrounding us and each house looking like tiny dots below. He let our harnesses loose a bit for more comfort. At random intervals, my experienced skydiver did some fancy parachute swirls and cartwheels in the air making the adrenaline pump more! I even got to steer the parachute myself! How awesome! These 'dots' began growing bigger and bigger as we began descending.

Thumbs up!

Taking a shot at some fancy parachute moves...I must admit it's kinda hard to control.

And...stay still.

And...the dots are getting clearer we can see the roofing and back yard swimming pools (notice the harnesses and hooks-safety first!). Taking in that plan view and scenery.

As we kept descending he pointed out a couple landmarks from above. We slowly floated back to ground for landing in an open space close to their office where we first began the experience. I must say it was definitely an experience and yes it is something I would do again! But first, I will knock some more adventures off my bucket list and then revisit this experience. If you're brave enough, I recommend skydiving and share your experience if you do! "I wanna see you be brave!"

Incoming for landing...

High fives for an awesome adventure!

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