From Freshman to Senior year, we've all been there.

Whether you stayed up late the night before, woke up hungover, or just flat out don't want to go, everyone considers skipping an early morning class at least once in their college lives.

Here are the 7 phases college students go through before skipping morning classes.

1. When your alarm wakes you

Wow, I am exhausted….do I really have to go class today? I bet we aren’t even learning anything important.

2. Checking the syllabus

Hmm…we have a test on Friday…but the review isn’t until next class. I can afford to

skip, right?

3. Remembering the homework that's due

Sh*t! We have that assignment due in class today….hmm…maybe I can just send it to her in an email..

4. Wondering if you can fake being sick...

What if I just email her and say I’m not feeling well today? Then again, she might see me walking to my 3pm class…damn it.

5. Realizing how much time you've wasted already

Crap! It’s what time? I only have ten minutes to get ready for class if I decide to go…

6. But you forgot you already used 2 of your 3 allowed skips

Wait, I forgot I skipped class last Wednesday to study for my one midterm…and I last month because I was feeling lazy. I’ve only got one left. I should use it wisely…

7. Embracing your laziness and going back to sleep

Eh, I won’t need to skip class again, right? Might as well use the last of my skips now. This is the last time, I promise.