6 Tips to Get You Through Finals Week
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6 Tips to Get You Through Finals Week

Can we just skip to vacation already?

6 Tips to Get You Through Finals Week

Finals week...aka the week from hell, is finally upon us. If you're lucky, all of your exams and paper/project deadlines are spread out throughout the week. If you're unfortunate, like me, all of your tests and deadlines are the first two days of the week. (Hey...at least I get done sooner.)

Finals week is stressful, even for the most prepared. Everyone is running on negative hours of sleep, the library is crowded with people who look as though they have never been to a library before in their life, and to make matters worse, the professor of your hardest exam refuses to hold a review session.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to help keep some of your sanity during this hellish week..

1. Get organized.

Right down all of the times and dates of your finals. Make a schedule of when you are going to study for said finals based on when they are and how difficult they are.

2. Get outside.

You're going to be stuck in a library, bedroom, or study room all day. Get outside! The fresh air will help to clear your mind and it will give you a much needed break from sitting in the same room all day.

3. Eat good, wholesome foods.

You know what they say, food is fuel. You're going to be tempted to order a pizza or go on that late night Taco Bell run, but trust me when I say, you will feel better if you do not. Fast, greasy food makes you feel more sluggish and is not as satisfying as something healthier. If you think that you are going to be hungry, pack healthier foods such as fruit, pretzels and humus, or granola.

4. Lay off of the sugar.

This goes hand in hand with eating wholesome foods. You are not going to perform as well as you could if you are hyped up on sugar. Plus, all of those sugar laden coffees, sodas and energy drinks are not going to be good for your body and for your focus.

5. Get some exercise.

This can be as simple as taking a walk. You might be saying "...but I do not have time to exercise." Wrong. How many times when you are studying to you stop to take a break only to spend twenty or more minutes on your phone or computer. Use your break time and get moving. Exercise can help relieve stress and can actually help you focused. You will return to your work more energized and focused than when you left it.

6. Take a break...but do not watch Netflix.

Breaks are important. You need to give your mind some time to relax. However, Netflix is not the answer. Personally, overtime I take a break from work to watch TV, I always end up losing my motivation, watching more TV than planned, and then go to bed. Netflix kills motivation and drive so it is best to just avoid it all together during finals week.

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