6 Things Every Girl Deserves In A Relationship
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6 Things Every Girl Deserves In A Relationship

Because if he's not going to give it to you, someone else will.

6 Things Every Girl Deserves In A Relationship
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Every millennial can tell you that the relationships in our generation aren't what relationships were like in our parents' generation. Our generation's idea of romance is filled with games, people playing too hard to get, trying to not act like they care too much, and definitely lacking trust with the power of social media and texting.

Of course, our generation has couples that aren't the typical millennial kind of relationships. They trust one another, they're happy, and they only have eyes for one another.

For over the past year that I've been single I've met guys and a majority of them made me feel like I was asking for too much or that I set my standards too high.

Just because you know you deserve the world from someone doesn't make you selfish, it means you have respect for yourself and you're not settling for someone who's going to half a** you and your relationship.

1. You deserve to be called "pretty" or "beautiful"

I kid you not, I spent 6 months with a guy who never once told me I was pretty, let alone never complimented me. It made me feel like absolute crap and totally affected my self-esteem. You deserve someone that compliments you, someone that makes you feel good about yourself.

2. You deserve someone that has eyes for you, and no one else.

Enough with the games, stop making up excuses for why he's texting other girls behind your back. You know deep down he's a jerk, and you're trying to sugar coat it because you want to believe he's still that guy you thought he was when you first met. Well, he isn't. A guy that you're with should only have eyes for you, should only want your attention, and want to spend time with you. If he wants to talk to other girls or be with other girls then he should have the respect to tell you that and not waste your time.

3. You deserve someone that's proud of you.

Sometimes you need someone to recognize all the hard work you've done and to tell you how proud they are of you.

4. You deserve someone who makes you a priority.

He shouldn't be ditching your plans that you guys have made, to go out and get drunk. A guy that is deserving of you will always make you his priority. Whether that means making time for you, making sure he talks to you at some points throughout the day and making sure you know how much he cares.

5. You deserve sappy, cute, text messages.

Because there's no better feeling than someone going out of their way to put a smile on your face.

6. You deserve respect.

Whether that means holding the door for you, respecting your thoughts, or always telling you the truth. A guy shouldn't be taking money from you, calling you names that a woman should never be called, and telling you lies.

Most importantly, don't ever settle for less than you deserve. Don't ever feel like you're asking for too much from someone because if he's not going to give it to you, someone else will.

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