6 Struggles Of Being A College Student
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Student Life

6 Struggles Of Being A College Student

Every college student can relate, we all have our struggles, here are just a few.

6 Struggles Of Being A College Student
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If you are a college student you can definitely relate. College is a beautiful thing, you are getting an education all while having the time of your life, but with fun comes responsibility. Here are six struggles of being a college student.

1. Getting up early:

Sure, you got up early for school your whole life. You're probably thinking this will be a piece of cake, but in all reality you don't have an angry parent dragging your ass out of bed anymore. There will be plenty of times you are going to want to skip that 8 AM but you just got do it. Mommy and Daddy won't punish you for not going but you'll be paying the price in the long run. You're on your own now kid!

2. Being a broke b*tch:

You should probably get a job, but you probably won't, and if you do it'll be once a week because your whole schedule is full with classes. So basically your just working to pay for your alcohol next weekend cause lets face that's all you need anyways.

3. Roomie Probs:

You either love your roommate or you don't. Either way you'll want to tear each others hair out because she left your straightener on overnight. You won't agree with everything she does but you still love her because she's your best friend. She will influence you HARD. If she's not going to class neither are you... BACK TO BED. THANKS GIRL :)

4. College Tuition:

You literally have to be living on the damn street to receive financial aid. It's tough as a college student having to think about all of the loans you are going to be buried in and paying for the rest of your life. Like c'mon we just want an education and to be successful and make money, yet we are paying money to make money!!!!! It's all so confusing, your still young so you probably just let your parents deal with it. My advice to you is to start making a plan and realizing what's going on. HAHA thats pretty much all I have to say about that.

5. Time management:

Okay, you are an adult now. You have classes, possibly a job, you need to eat because you are a human, also go to the gym so that you don't gain weight from all of that alcohol consumption, and lets be real you need a nap too. BUT you gotta plan all this stuff out first because your schedule is clearly SO crazy.

6. Walking around campus:

If you go to a big school, getting your running shoes on, you have ways to walk!!!! Your first class of the day is on the other side of campus and your next class is back where you started just for you to have your third class of the day where your first class was so that you can walk back to your dorm where your second class is. Sounds confusing right? College students will understand the pain. And stairs.... FORGET IT. Walking up three flights of stairs with your back back on is like entering the gates of hell.. literally. I dread those stairs everyday but hey, you get nice legs and cute booty so theirs a plus. ;)

Sure, college has many more than six struggles but it is 100% the best time of your life despite your responsibilities. You're young, so have FUN, but be safe!!!!


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