I've considered being a freelance writer for quite some time now, but I have had many people tell me why it is not a good idea. Freelance writing is often considered a risky career for many reasons. They pay isn't good enough, the lack of benefits, establishing clients isn't easy, etc. These are all valid reasons to be hesitant about freelance writing.

However, the more I have done research, especially in 2017, freelance writers are needed now more than ever because of the digital age we are living in.

If writing is your dream like it is mine, here are six reasons you should become a freelance writer:

1. You can make your own schedule.

I don't know about you, but this is important to me. I like to have the freedom to move things around from week to week. I hate doing the same thing every single day. Having the freedom to work more one week, and less the next is really convenient. However, if time management isn't your thing, this may not be a blessing.

2. The opportunities are endless.

Although gaining clientele is difficult at first, websites like upwork.com and freelancer.com make it easier for first-time freelancers to get beginner projects. Once you've gained experience, you can work your way up to more difficult and long-term projects. Everyone needs creative writers because of the digital age we live in. You have to put yourself out there.

3. You will build a huge Network.

Once you've obtained clients, and you do a great job, there is a good possibility that they will refer you to someone for a project in the future. The more projects you take on, the more references you can add to your list. Building and maintaining connections is everything, even if it is through the computer. Your writing will speak volumes about the person and worker you are.

4. This can be a part-time or full-time career.

This all goes back to the fact that you can create your own project. If you already are involved in a full-time career, this is a great way to make some extra side cash. However, if you love writing, and have the drive to take on multiple projects and multitask, you could make this your solo career.

5. You are getting paid to express yourself.

Regardless if you write for a business, or for an opinion column, writing is a form of expression. Some projects give more freedom to express than others, but point blank, you are getting paid to create something that shows your personality. I don't think there is a better gig.

6. You never know where this will take you.

Creative writing is never going to go out of style. Just because you start off in freelance, does not mean you have to stay there. Big companies are always looking for creative writers to join their team. To have a portfolio of published work from many different places is huge!

Obviously, there are risks in any dream or career you go for. Some would argue that freelance writing is on the riskier side. However, the benefits of this career and the places it could take you are worthwhile!

Follow your dreams and take risks.


Don't let anyone tell you to stop.