Six Popular Protein Bars Unraveled And Ranked
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Six Popular Protein Bars Unraveled And Ranked

From textures easily mistaken for Laffy Taffy, to a delightfully soft Rice Krispie Treat, I sampled six highly rated protein bars and here's what I concluded.

Six Popular Protein Bars Unraveled And Ranked

Dark Chocolate Almond Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Bar. 230 calories per bar, 15 grams of protein. First ingredient: almonds.

My least favorite taking 6th place

After some thorough protein bar research, my expectations for this Primal Kitchen snack might have been a little too high. I ripped the wrapper open and yanked a bite off the bar. Notice how I said "yanked." I actually had to rip off a chunk of the bar with my teeth. My neck jolted backwards and I literally felt my primal instincts kicking in. Perhaps this is why they call themselves the Primal Kitchen. After a good solid minute of chewing, the texture of the bar started to reflect similar profiles to that of Laffy Taffy. The sticky slab of ingredients became an achy jaw workout, and the dark chocolate almond flavor I had hoped to taste was not fully presenting itself. Overall, I'd suggest purchasing one of the many other protein bar offerings on the market.

Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Perfect Bar. 320 calories per bar, 15 grams of protein. First ingredient: organic peanut butter.

5th place

These unique protein bars stand out against your typical protein bar in that they are sold refrigerated. I was eager to try the Perfect Bar because I typically like to refrigerate all of my protein bars, anyways. I first cracked off a bite sized piece into my hand. The bar itself is very dense and compact so I knew it was going to be nourishing. The bite broke down nicely and strong flavors of peanut butter took control of my tastebuds. I noticed I was starting to feel full just halfway through eating the bar. The Perfect Bar is one of the more caloric choices on my list, but it truly is extraordinarily filling. Although a bit overwhelming, I enjoyed the taste and brought myself to finish the hearty snack. I was satisfied for the next four hours! Peanut butter lovers, this bar is for you.

Chocolate Chip RXBAR. 220 calories per bar, 12 grams of protein. First ingredient: dates.

4th place

I first wondered what this bar would taste like after solely gazing upon the bold packaging. I liked the idea of few, whole ingredients, although I was initially worried about the egg whites. If you are, too, rest assured, this bar is pretty damn tasty and has become one of my go-to's. While I do prefer the coconut chocolate RXBAR over the chocolate chip, all of the RXBAR flavors have deemed themselves enjoyable. The texture is leathery but in the best way possible. If you dislike the expected overly sweet protein bar, try an RXBAR. They nailed the use of dates as a natural, mellow sweetener. No B.S., this bar is a lovely addition to any pantry or fridge.

Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar. 190 calories per bar, 8 grams of protein. First ingredient: protein grain blend.

3rd place

Least resembling Laffy Taffy and leather, Luna Bars take 3rd place on my list of protein bars. This chocolate peppermint flavored Luna Bar is truly delicious. It's crackly oat base brings Rice Krispie Treat vibes. Dipped in white chocolate, it tastes much more like a dessert than your average healthy snack. Luna Bars make eating protein fun. I especially enjoy my Luna Bars chilled, as it amplifies the overall peppermint flavor.

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew KIND Bar. 160 calories per bar, 4 grams of protein. First ingredient: cashews.

2nd place

KIND bar is always on point with their flavor fusions, take this dreamy chocolate cherry cashew concoction for example. Sweet, decadent, and the perfect amount of salty make for a wonderful mid day goodie. At only 4 grams of protein, it's not the most filling option. With that being said, KIND bars do their best work after lunch, adequately holding me over until dinner time. The gooey sweetness combined with crunchy cashews and almonds makes for pure protein bar harmony.

Mocha Chocolate Chip GoMacro Bar. 270 calories per bar, 10 grams of protein. First ingredient: organic brown rice syrup.

1st place winner!

I saved the best for last to build suspense. Did it work? Here you have it, my favorite protein bar at the moment. In regards to overall taste and stomach filling satisfaction, this "sweet awakening" GoMacro bar is the best. Despite the fact that I prefer my protein bars refrigerated, the MacroBar is my one exception. In fact, I heat it up in the microwave for 10 seconds before indulging. The energy bar then transforms into a warm and delectable dessert-like treat. If you wake up craving coffee and sweets, this mocha chip MacroBar is all you need! With 36mg of caffeine, this is the perfect morning wake up call.

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