6 Life Lessons From 'Grease' The Musical
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6 Life Lessons From 'Grease' The Musical

In honor of the new "Grease: Live."

6 Life Lessons From 'Grease' The Musical
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Nothing good ever comes from lying

In the very beginning of the movie, we see Danny and Sandy on the beach. Fast-forward about twenty minutes, and they finally meet again at a Rydell High football game. But, it turns out that Danny lied…about who he was, where he was from, which leads to Sandy getting very, very angry with him. Of course, they end up together, but it takes Danny a really long time to get her back. Maybe, if he hadn’t lied to begin with, he would have had her sooner?

Never give up on anything

While Kenicke brings home a rusty, beat up old car, the T-Birds initially laugh at him. But, with the help of some hard work (and some Grease Lightin’), they end up with a beautiful piece of machinery that wins them the race against the Scorpions. Think about it, if everyone put in a little elbow grease, how many of the world’s problem would be solved?

Also, never give up on anyone

Initially, Danny makes Sandy really upset. But he keeps trying to win her over, and, eventually, he does. True love will never die. And if it really is true love, nothing will ever come in the way. (And, because Danny didn’t give up, we got one of the greatest “movie couples” of all time).

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side

Sometimes, you have to take some time to think before you actually make a decision, which we learned thanks to Frenchy and her rash decision to drop out of high school and enroll in beauty school. Of course, she jumped into her decision way too quickly and deeply regrets it after finding out she really does not have a talent for cosmetology (after dying her hair pink). Take some time to think before you commit to something, whether that means talking to someone or making a list of pros and cons. You won’t always be as lucky as Frenchy, who eventually was able to return to high school.

Your friends are everything

While family is also everything, friends tend to be a different kind of everything. They understand what you’re going through better than anyone else can. They’re there through the ups and downs, through thick and thin. Sometimes, they may even help you find yourself.

You’re only young once

This is true. Youth doesn't last forever, so it’s important to have fun while you still can. Enough said.

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