'Grease' Revisited — Why Sandy Should Have Kicked Danny To The Curb
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'Grease' Revisited — Why Sandy Should Have Kicked Danny To The Curb

Taking it back to 1978 'Grease,' the original gangsta.

'Grease' Revisited — Why Sandy Should Have Kicked Danny To The Curb

Last week's "Grease! Live" got me reminiscing about the original "Grease" movie from 1978. I felt it was necessary to throw back to my childhood years and re-watch it, just for sh*ts and giggles. And through my older, wiser lens, along with actually understanding all the sexual references that flew past my innocent ears as a kid, I discovered that Sandy's hopeless devotion to Danny was way too hopeless for my liking. Yes, you're allowed to pine after a guy, but Sandy had no game whatsoever. Danny wronged her so many times throughout the movie, yet she kept coming back for more. Many like to focus on the issue that Sandy changed who she was for Danny at the end of the movie, but I would like to focus to the events that led up to the end. Shall we review all his wrong-doings throughout the film? I think so.

Strike #1: Acts like a total d*uche-nozzle in front of his friends. No Danny, Sandy doesn't know how it is, "rockin', and rollin', and what-not." The Danny Zuko she met at the beach was clearly nowhere to be found. While I respect the concept of "Bros Before Hoes," I don't respect putting down said hoe to impress the bros. In my opinion, Sandy should have left it at this:

And at first, she did. She tried moving on with Tom the simpleton jock. When Sandy took on this tactic, I applauded her. It was clearly making Danny a tad bit jealous. I will acknowledge that it was a sweet gesture to try to impress her by taking on sports. I personally would have laughed at him and celebrated his downfall when he tripped as he was running on the track, but Sandy just had to go check if he was okay. She even had the audacity to totally ditch Tom's poor, incompetent ass for Danny. Jocks have feelings too. But, alright, fine—I'm all for second chances. However, Danny manages to screw up once again, which brings me to his next strike.

Strike #2: Ditching Sandy at the dance to get down with another girl. A girl named Cha-Cha—oh lord. Sonny may have grabbed Sandy away, and Cha-Cha may have forced her way into his arms, but Danny could have easily pushed her off and reclaimed his dance partner. And, Cha-Cha was Kenickie's date, in addition to being one of the Scorpions' chicks—have some class, Danny. At this point, Sandy should have been like

But, no—she sits in his car in the drive-in movie theater in the next scene. She's pulling the passive-aggressive card with him, but she's still in his car, instead of being anywhere but with him. Here comes his next strike.

Strike #3: Trying to get handsy with Sandy when she's clearly not down for the "D" at the drive-in. She literally just stated "I now know that you respect me" after he gives her his ring. Apparently, Danny didn't know how to take a hint and forced himself upon her. Her shrieks were obviously not shrieks of consent. I commended Sandy for getting the heck out of his car, leaving him to his ballad about her. Three strikes, you're out, right? Not according to Sandy. The thirst was real with this one.

After all the chances she gave him, she decides that completely changing herself will be the answer to all her problems. I wish Sandy and I were friends, so that I could have advised her to get it together and just get over this guy. However, she is a fictional character, after all, so I'll just have to pass on my words of wisdom to you, Odyssey Readers. I'm all about being forward, but when a guy keeps screwing you over, cut that fool out of your life. You can't be chasing after him your whole life, so if he wants you, let him do the chasing. Though "Grease" implies that Danny and Sandy lived happily ever after, none of us got to see what happened afterwards. Chances are, he probably messed up again. Let's be real. So please, curb your thirst, ladies. It's for your own good.

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