Six Hours Of Traffic

Disclaimer: I did not drink while driving.

Tale of the night goes as follows:

After three hours of waiting and barely having moved, my book got boring and I realized I wasn't the best harmonica player, we were sitting on a highway at the end of the world with nothing but deserted land to the sides and cars ahead and behind, so I reached into the box of food sitting on the back seat and pulled out a bottle of wine, this is where my Dad took over the wheel and I realize how much I like wine.

Disclaimer: What follows is a collection of slightly drunken thoughts not to be taken seriously.

The 29th biggest island of the world is called Gran Isla de Tierra del Fuego and is located south of Chile and Argentina with both countries sharing a part of it. If you are going through Chile there are two ways of getting to it, by air or sea, and if you are going by sea there are two ports you can catch a ferry from, Porvenir is the first one but there are only two trips per day and you have to reserve them in advance, the second one is Punta Delgada where a ferry leaves port every hour. Not having made a reservation, this was where my Dad, a hitchhiker and I spend five and half hours waiting to get on a ferry to take us through the 30-minute boat ride across the sea back to the continent, and this is what came of the wait.

1. Between Rivers and Lakes

Driving through mountains, through small roads and distant farms, spoken directions and bad maps, the kind of adventures that are hard to find. Chasin salmon, looking for unclimbed peaks, between rivers and lakes we find ourselves at the end of the world, going down and back on a concrete and gravel road.

What makes these days so special, I constantly ask myself, the answers vary too much as to assume there is a right one to choose and is too much time that I spend on them to even think that I'll find some logic. So I resigned, and with that thought, I give up on trying to find some sense in my life, when dabbling on frugal vices, spearheaded attractions, and soft passions have proven shallow and wasteful. Like a madman, I'll bang my head against the wall hoping to find a breakthrough and a different result, to the same thing I've been doing since the moment my time here begun.

Like a run-out course, on a forgotten path, like a cold cup of coffee or a water down drink. Nothing tastes or feels hard enough to wake me up but Fear in its essence, the kind that disturbs even the darkest side of me and frightens all but the one that'll keep me alive. The one that waits until I can finally own every step I take.

Remember that crow we all fear as little kids, the one who's caw hurt our ears. Remember that dark hallway, the burning water, and the choking smoke. What happened to all those fears?

Why aren't we scare of that anymore?

1. Silly, Silly, Silly

Correspondence of a stranger's departure; some letter shall arrive in the mail months after, they'll tell stories about the adventures occurred to the goner and the loner, struggles would fill the pages, but smiles will brighten up the paragraphs--as long as the right person is reading. Letters that live for the many dreams that find their death when silly hopes get rubbed off, by the fingers that followed them with no apparent plan.

Silly, silly, silly kids, always on the run.

Future can't help me and sorrow won't move me. Luck is welcomed, as it's shown more foreign than it ever has. The luckiest man alive I feel every day that I get to be silly once again, silly thoughts and silly dreams, silly life that I chose to devote this young body to, silly road that I put this old soul to walk. To the fiddle in the background, I tell "keep on playing", cause thanks to it I feel as if my own feet take over my heart and with nothing but a silly idea to bafflement me I walk, and to the sound of that music my rambling feet...oh do they roll.

Silly, silly, silly kids, always on the run.

For what reason does a man feel strange in its own home, for what reason does a man feel uneasy within the walls that were erected for his protection. Are we being stupid, is it just some silly dream to want to see beyond? I hope not, but is never too late to turn around,

I guess it's just boring.

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