Sitting In The Car Listening To The Radio
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Sitting In The Car Listening To The Radio

Life's Simple Pleasures

Sitting In The Car Listening To The Radio

We've all had those days where we needed a well deserved pause from life. Regardless of what we choose to believe, people break down at times. Even the strong ones have, they've just learned to hide it better.

I experienced one of these days at work. My brain was a mush and my body was worn like old clothes. I knew it was time to withdraw myself from any type of social contact. I needed to be sitting in that car listening to that radio at midnight.

I didn't punch walls, or curse at the never ending sky. I simply sat and listened to the lyrics, feeling the vibrations of the car. It was free therapy from the universe. Sometimes the lyrics hit hard like a pound of thick red bricks. I felt every word at a personal level. I just imagined what that person who wrote the lyrics was feeling at that exact moment. The vulnerability that they must have felt when that pen touched that paper.

When we feel suffocated by all the pollution coming from people's mouths, whenever our body is on the brink of calling it quits, what do you do? Some of us cry or see the bottom of a whiskey bottle, as for me, I like to sit in that car listening to that radio!

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