9 Sitcoms To Watch On Netflix Now That 70s Show Is Gone
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9 Sitcoms To Watch On Netflix Now That 70s Show Is Gone

That 70s Show might be gone, but there are plenty of other options.

9 Sitcoms To Watch On Netflix Now That 70s Show Is Gone

It was a warm September morning. I had my cup of coffee in hand as I signed into Netflix in search of my morning show. I've been watching That 70s Show nearly every morning for months now, and with only two seasons left, I'd grown quite attached. To my horror, the show was no longer on my 'continue watching' list. So I searched it.


Google then confirmed my worst fears. That 70s Show had been permanently taken off of Netflix.

I prefer to watch sitcoms in the morning, it sets the tone for the day and the episodes aren't long, so it doesn't waste much time. Without That 70s Show, what were my options?

If you're wondering the same thing, I'm here to solve the problem for you. Here is a list of sitcoms to watch on Netflix, now that That 70s Show is gone.

New Girl

One of the funniest sitcoms I've ever seen, this show has it all-- wonderfully developed characters, iconic one-liners, running gags, and romantic plots that will make you swoon. Something this show does very well is ensuring all of their characters stand on their own. They play very well off of each other, but they can also make you laugh on their own, no characters are too dependent on another. Because they are so powerful alone, when all the characters are together, it's a powerhouse.

The show follows Jess, a girl who has just moved out of her cheating boyfriend's house. She finds an ad on craigslist for a room in a loft with three men, and takes it. They, along with Jess' best friend Cece, and eventually some other characters, find themselves in wacky scenarios and throughout the season form a strong bond. They are all like family, and it is such a fun dynamic to watch.

The romantic plots are written perfectly too, with Jess and Nick being the primary on and off, will-they-won't-they couple of the show. The side romances involving Cece and Schmidt and Winston and Aly both hold their own and easily match up. This show is one of the few I rewatch regularly, and if you're looking for great friendship dynamics like those in That 70s Show, this is a great choice.

The Good Place

The Good Place is a sitcom with a very unique premise. The show follows characters who have recently died and gone to "The Good Place". The main character, Eleanor, realizes they have mistaken her for someone else, and she should really be in the "Bad Place". She asks her designated soulmate, Chidi, to teach her how to be good. The premise changes throughout the show with several different plot twists you won't see coming.

Each character is wonderfully written, and each are flawed. Their flaws are what make them who they are, but the characters reflect on those flaws as the show goes on and they grow from them. We watch these people who are already dead grow so much more than they did while they were alive and experience an afterlife that we could only ever imagine.

The Good Place will make you cry just as much as it will make you laugh, but it is so worth it.


Community is a particularly good show to watch as a replacement for That 70s Show. The show has a very similar vibe--there's a common hang out spot, and each of the characters have a very established, large personality. The show centers around a group of students at a community college who form a study group and grow closer.

The show is hilarious, with a cast of iconic comedians. If you need a good laugh, this is a great sitcom to choose. The show is unique because the group of friends are not in the same age range, as most ensembles are in sitcoms. There are old, middle aged, and young students of all different passions. They are all so different, that it's why it works so perfectly.

The Office

There's no way I could make this list and not include The Office. It's a classic. I'm sure you've heard of it, but if you're unaware, The Office is mockumentary about the daily lives of office workers at a paper company. The show is beloved, but is also heavily criticized. Overall, it's a very enjoyable show. The characters, no matter how ridiculous, are easy to get invested in. The show has some of the most iconic jokes, gags, and pranks in sitcoms. The rivalry between Jim and Dwight, the romance between Pam and Jim, and the family dynamic with all of the characters is what makes the show so special.

Parks and Recreation

Parks a Rec is what most consider a close relative of The Office. The show is filmed in a very similar style, with a very similar concept. The mockumentary follows the lives of people working at the Parks and Recreation branch of local government. The main difference is in the characters themselves-- they are all still relatable and hilarious, but these characters tend to be a little less crass. Like The Office, it has its iconic romances, but it is more known for its comedy and overall story. This sitcom is perfect to watch with a group of friends, or just by yourself if you're looking for a laugh late at night. Watching the show you feel as if you have a new group of friends, and you're in on every inside joke.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a Netflix Original. Starring The Office's Elle Kemper, the show follows Kimmy Schmdit, who is new to New York City, but also new to...life as we know it. The show begins as Kimmy escapes a cult that kept her underground for 15 years. She moves to the big city in search of freedom and a job. She finds all of that, along with some fun challenges. The show is hilarious, and is constantly praised by critics. The premise has certainly never been done before, which I think is part of its charm. Watching Kimmy figure out things that have been obvious to us our whole lives is both endearing and funny.

Arrested Development

This show originally aired on Fox, and then was picked up by Netflix three seasons in. The sitcom is praised for its writing, talented cast, and well-timed jokes. Many reviews say that the characters are all very well defined, an important aspect of a sitcom. If you can't connect with the characters, how can you laugh with them?

The show takes place in Orange County, and follows Michael Bluth as he takes over his father's job after he is imprisoned for a white collar crime. It isn't as easy as Michael thinks, with his spoiled family making things as hard as possible for him. The show has sustained a loyal audience since 2003, an impressive feat. This show is great to watch if you're looking for both laughs and characters you'll love.

One Day at a Time

One Day At a Time, originally a Netflix original but now on POP TV, is an excellent family-oriented sitcom. You can still watch all of the season of Netflix, despite the show finding a new network. And it's worth watching! The show follows the Alvarez family-- a single mother, her mother, and two children. The show tackled issues such as racism, homophobia, gender identity, and much more. They do not shy away from any topic, but they always find a way to add jokes. This is not an easy feat, may shows that take on serious topics struggle to balance it correctly with jokes, but One Day at a Time effortlessly weaves in jokes, adding a lighthearted tone to the show that makes even hard topics to talk about, easy to watch.

The show's foundation really lies in the family. The Alvarez family has such a strong bond, it's impossible not to love them. While watching the show, you feel like you're apart of their family, going along on their journey.


Moesha is an American sitcom that ran through 1996-2001. It may be a bit older than some of these new sitcoms, but it is just as fun to watch. The show is about the life of Moesha, a teenage girl who's father has just gotten married. She is adjusting to life with her new stepmother, and balancing the life of a teenage girl and her friends. Moesha was extremely popular in its time, and continues to be viewed on Netflix. The show starts very light hearted, but in some of the later seasons deals with serious issues in a very good way.

This show is great if you're looking for a teenager/high school oriented show like That 70s Show, but you also want family dynamics.

No sitcom can truly replace another, they are all unique and special to us in their own ways. But, if you are in need of a new sitcom to watch, these are some great recommendations. They are by no means the only sitcoms on Netflix--your choices are unlimited. So go explore, find your next favorite sitcom. Because we can all afford to laugh a little more.

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