Its so hard to believe that you have grown up so quickly, and accomplished so many things, both educationally and in your personal life. I know you are counting down the days until you no longer have to wake up at the crack of dawn and walk through the hallways of a school that you feel like you’ve been attending forever.

I’ve been there. I wanted nothing more than to grow up, get to college and finally be able to be a little more free. To live more of an adult life. To no longer have to live my life according to a bell. But please, don’t rush your last few months as a kid. Growing up is fun. The freedom is great, and college will bring you incredible opportunities. But you will truly never forget your high school years.

As you are living your final months of your senior year, embrace every moment. Classes might suck, and drama will happen, but these are times you will never get back. Attend the sports games, spend time with your best friends, and make sure they know how much you love them. You might think you will get to see them once college starts, but you’d be surprised how much people grow apart after graduation.

Look around. You will never see most of these people again. Most of them you’ve been attending school with for 12 years. I’m not telling you to go talk to every single person in your grade, but appreciate the fact that you got to go to school with them. Even the ones that made your life hell back in middle school. They taught you to be a little more brave, and hold your own later in life.

You are going to love college. You are going to do incredible things, I know it. But take in what little time you have left of high school. Take it from someone whose been there. You won’t regret it.