There's no experience like having a best friend. Best friends are more valuable than gold. Best friends are your true soul mates. Finding a real best friend is truly a treasure.

A best friend is the one who you can always count on to be there for you. If you're having an emergency in the middle of the night, they are the one you call. Maybe the emergency is that you had a fight with your parents, or maybe that boy you're crushing on is finally single; either way, your best friend is the person who is always there to celebrate with you or build you up when you are sad. They're you're biggest cheerleader and best confidant, the one you know you can cry to, whether they're tears of laughter or sadness.

A best friend is that person who will go get ice cream with you at 2am in your pajamas and eat the whole Ben and Jerry's container with you. And you know the whole time you are eating that ice cream you are curled up on the couch with your cell phone between you Facebook stalking those cute boys you have crushes on and plotting specifically how you should word your next text message to them, after reading into each and every syllable of their message to you (including the use of or lack of use of emojis). A best friend is who falls asleep next to you after talking for hours and hours about your hopes and dreams as you're falling asleep, but somehow all the most important conversations happen here, in the dead of night when you're both loopy with exhaustion.

When you're with your best friend, non-verbal communication is huge. You know each other's looks and can read each other's minds just as well as if you were speaking to each other. You can catch their eye across the room and just know that they are thinking the same thing as you. That person just being annoying in front of you? Yeah, all you needed was your best friend's eyebrow raise for you to know and understand that she too thinks this person is annoying and can't wait to discuss it with you later in a more private setting.

A best friend is your soul mate in a way your boyfriend can never be. Yeah, your boyfriend is important. But your best friend was there before him and you know will be there for you forever. And no boy has that place until he's your husband. And even still you know you'll be taking off to have random best friend sleepovers even after you are married with kids. (So long honey, have fun with the kids tonight!) Meanwhile you and your BFF get a hotel room at Disney World and stay up all night gossiping about cute celebs like Flynn Rider.

Finally, a best friend is your sister. Biological or not. You are just as welcome in their family as they are in yours. You are perfectly comfortable randomly showing up at their house and would consider it normal if she did the same to you. Maybe you even live together already. Regardless, you consider yourselves family even if you don't technically share the same blood. Whether you live near or far, you know that you will always love your best friend like family and nothing can ever change the relationship you share with them.