Poetry On Odyssey: Sister

Poetry On Odyssey: Sister

My sister is beloved to me.


Just what no one told me about my sister:

I sing to miss her.

From our beginnings to here:

We grew together

like flowers sprouting

from a vine.

We lay here, and

relay our past to me.

Likened I lie,

if I can't rely on her.

Long gone is she,


she goes her own way

with marriage and a family

I don't belong in.

I guess I'm aware

we don't grow together


She finds me waiting,

waning and wanting

outside her apartment door.

Left wary and weary,

I wear my hopes down.

I hold so much fear

for our future.

It breaks me, and

I can no longer pull my bones

back together.

Weeping beneath the willow,

wilting away while

I look wayward.

Whether we wither together

or without the weather;

either way,

we differ too much.

I long for the past

but I'm

lost, gone

in her memory

as she moves forward.

Our lives no longer collide,

culled and idle;

idealize this:

call to me;

calm, idly

I die lonely.

I reek of the love I am left with

when she leaves.

I sigh, ready

to meet my demise.

I let her go.

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