Boys, school, work, and life, in general, tend to work us ladies up a little bit. We tend to lose focus when it comes to those "bad" boys, and that changes a lot of things. School, on the other hand, can just be hard in general. Every major has its peaks. Work is just something to add to the stress sometimes. But that is life. We complain too much, but in reality, we need to sip our drink and move on.

You might have fallen for a boy, or messed with a boy who you thought liked you the way you liked them. Honey, it has happened to all of us. Shit honestly sucks being unwanted by someone who you want. But never chase. Never. So bump that boy and move on. You deserve better.

Lord, school any type of education is stressful enough. Who does not want to be successful? Trying to pass a hard ass class can really bring stress and tears to your eyes. Feeling like a failure makes you doubt yourself. I am pretty sure we have all felt like a failure some point in our life. As my title says, sip your drink and move on. You can always make a comeback from a bad grade.

We go to work to make money. But we all wish we did not have to work, well I know I do. Work on top of school and social life can be a lot to handle. But make that money, sip yo drank and move on from that stress.

When clicking my article, most assumed it was just going to be the usual getting over a boy. But life causes us young or older women to have more conflict with other things than boys or men. Sometimes we get mad or stressed over work and school that we need a drink and need to move on from what was making us ill. We get so carried away in things that do not matter that much. Take the time to relax and enjoy life. Get your shit done and move on from things holding you back.