Dear Single Sally And Committed Katie

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I don't really know what to expect. I typically have a hard time revolving Valentines to any sort of love-related thing going on in my life, but I was introduced to an extremely kind partner which has changed my perception of love, and intuition when following your heart, and listening to your gut.

Love is a complex word. You can say that you love a band, an actor or even a kind of food but that doesn't necessarily link to a correlation of any sort of "romanticism" involved with the band, actor or certain dish you enjoy. Love is a complex word, with no concrete definition, engraved within each person individually. From here, this brings me back, to an author I've been reading in one of my English classes, in which the content is based/taught around Gender, Sexuality and Race; an amazing class and the structure is formatted and is material, that I highly recommend taking some sort based class on/in; it can open your mind and teach you new ways to look at how you treat yourself, the world and most importantly others.

So, back to the author I've been loving in my class; Audre Lorde. If you are not familiar with her work, poetry or essay, I would highly encourage you to do so, her work is impeccable works of art and thoughtfully/carefully pieced each with detail in a combination of words, syllables and implanted images; pieces everybody should appreciate. Recently I was assigned a reading from my professor, with a few of her selected poems, along with a published piece in which oriented around a certain question/idea;

What is (your definition of) Erotic?

The easiest way that I found to describe Erotic(ism?), would be a comparison based off of sexualizing a measure of sexual nature, and separating between sexualizing that trait/kink/whatever etc. and removing the sexualization of it, and that certain "act" or "touch" simply just be what is it, standing at face value; just a touch of skin to skin. Love is love, is love is love; love someone who appreciates you for your whole being; not just moment based attraction. Learn to love every part of yourself, because watching another person falling in love with you is really awesome.

So I bid you adieu, and happy valentines/singles/Galentines/whatever the heck you call it/way you celebrate!!

For those eager for a night of romance, lush and are a few songs I'll be playing next week. Spice up your night! Put on your favorite high heels, grab your lover (or favorite pillow) and lets waltz down the hall next together!

1. Rex Orange County & Benny Sings: Lovin' Is Easy

2. Frank Ocean: Thinking Bout You

3. Angel Olson: Shut Up and Kiss Me

4. Mazzy Star: Fade Into You

5. Nat King Cole: Aquellos Ojos Verde

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