Encouragement For The Struggling Single Mom
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Encouragement For The Struggling Single Mom

Remember every day you and your children enjoy and get through in one piece is a win kind of day.

Encouragement For The Struggling Single Mom
The Huffington Post

Life in general is hard.

Add a baby and take away one parent – the struggle becomes so real.

Bath time get missed.
Late dinners are made.
Drive-thru may end up being your best friend.
Mornings start early and evenings run until it is early morning again.
Laundry piles up.
Bills add up.
Dishes in the sink are an often look now opposed to your once clean kitchen.
It can be a lot to handle for one person who is responsible for raising little people.

I know sometimes it can feel like you’re failing at the single mom thing.

You yelled at your kid over something insignificant after already losing your temper for the millionth time today.
You took a bath for 5 minutes instead of giving your little one a bath, because you just needed to be clean one time this week and get a break.
The house isn’t spotless and every time you clean it is seemingly pointless.
You have to be the main barer of good and bad news.
If you’re a working single mom add on the guilt of not spending enough time with your babies.

Everyday its either a win or loose.
There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to be done, plus spend adequate quality time with your children.
It can feel like a loosing battle, but then something wonderful happens.
That sweet baby you're raising learned something new at school and can't wait to tell you about it.
The I love you runs from the mouths of little ones that you feel sometimes hate you.
Snuggle time becomes bedtime routine instead of chaos, because sometimes that is most time you get with the babies.

God created you to be mom.
He blessed you with your children knowing full well what your situation would be before you were even born or your children were given to you.
Trust in him to give you strength when you feel weak.
The dishes and laundry can wait, they'll be there unmoved tomorrow; your babies never stop growing.
Give yourself grace when your temper gets the best of you.
You're only human.

Remember every day you and your children enjoy and get through in one piece is a win kind of day.
You rock at this single mom thing and don't tell yourself any different.

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