The Single Life: A Real Love-Hate Relationship
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The Single Life: A Real Love-Hate Relationship

The reasons why we both treasure and dread our single status.

The Single Life: A Real Love-Hate Relationship

Five words, eight syllables, and only one way to describe my current life status…single and ready to mingle. As a girl who came into college fresh off of a close to four-year relationship, the single life has been quite the eventful experience. I have seen things, heard things, and done things that boyfriends just don't allow you to do, and for that I am forever grateful. But there are those special moments in your college and adult life that make you pause and think to yourself, “damn, I'm lonely". This inevitable teeter-totter of the desire to be in a relationship while still wanting to jam to “Ridin' Solo" by Jason Derulo seems to be a constant struggle not only for me, but also for many of my peers, and here's why.

You spend more time with your friends when you're single. Whether you admit it or not, girls nights and bro time are limited when you have a significant other. Random Wednesday nights spent gathered around a large pizza(s) with my sisters are where some of my favorite memories have been made, and I probably would not have as many of those if I had a boy in my life. My weekends haven't been consumed with visiting a man at another school or cuddling on a random frat couch, they have been spent jamming on the Lion stage with my gals and cuddled up with a chipotle burrito, and I wouldn't change a thing.

My family acts like I am going to die alone. Okay, so we have all been there. You're sitting across from Aunt Ruth at Thanksgiving and next to your cousin and her boyfriend of five years and at some point you know it will be said, “So Madison, you got a boy in your life yet? You're not getting any younger, ya know!" Okay Ruth, another word and I'm sticking this turkey leg where the sun doesn't shine. I'm still forced to sit at the kids table and yet everyone acts like I'm going to movies alone and feeding my 20 cats on the weekend. No one puts more stress on me to find a man than my family, but when I do find one, he isn't good enough. So there is really no winning here. Arranged marriage may be my only option.

Gift giving holidays are E-Z. I get a little too much enjoyment out of watching my friends scramble to find and spend way too much money on their significant other around the holidays. Wow, a coupon for one free back massage and a heart shaped necklace?! The originality and creativity you put into that gift is unbelievable, you two are definitely going to make it. Being single turns gift giving holidays into gift receiving holidays and I am definitely okay with that.

But the consistency is nice. Sometimes those 8am shacker walks home (speaking about the general population not personal experience I swear mom) can be brutal. You look down at your bare feet and 6 inch heels in your hand and realize that it might be nice to get a ride home in the morning or maybe talk to a guy somewhere outside of a bar. Don't get me wrong, the fresh feeling of constantly talking to someone new and the surplus of potential drink buyers is amazing, but there are those moments in which you could deal with taking the same guy to a few date events and getting to know someone a little better than just their favorite late night eatery.

Just like everything in life, being single has its ups and downs. There are nights in which I am so happy to be I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T (do you know what that means?), but sometimes I want to be the little spoon rather than just using one to scoop my rocky road straight from the container to my mouth. I am confident that one day a nice, 6'5, sandy blonde-haired, blue eyed, lawyer from a rich Southern family will sweep me off my feet and carry me into the sunset, but until then, you can catch me in the bars belting “Single Ladies" with my girls.

***DISCLAIMER*** This article in no way means that I am opposed to being in a relationship, so if you in fact fit the description above (or are just any man with mild motor skills) please do not hesitate to Facebook message me because I am not sure if I can take on another family gathering solo.

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