How 'Sing for Hope' Unites The Arts

How 'Sing for Hope' Unites The Arts

The coolest non-profit organization I had ever seen.

Have you ever heard of a nonprofit organization to unite the arts for high school students all over New York? I have, it's called Sing for Hope. Sing for Hope is this amazingly educational environment. I have been with Sing for Hope for over two years, I have learn so much about the arts. When you are with Sing for Hope you can always have a smile on your face because the staff is always so happy to see new people and show you what you are truly capable of. Sing for Hope has worked with volunteer artist like Renee Fleming, Jon Batista, Blake Whyte, Erika Henningsen, Alvin Crawford, and Morgan Karr.

Each year Sing for Hope has an annual yearly gala around October for people to achieve awards and donate to keep the programs that Sing for Hope has created. Sing for Hope has been around for now ten years, they bring out 50 pianos all across the five boroughs in New York. A bunch of different artist come together and work on the pianos. After two weeks of those pianos being on the street, they get donated to hospitals, schools, and medical centers. This year, all the pianos are being sent to different public schools in all boroughs. The youth chorus creates their own piano, the chorus members must unite their creative, innocent minds together to come up with one idea so they can immediately start working on their piano. This year's Sing for Hope Youth Chorus piano is a nature scenery that consist of words within the picture. To show what the youth chorus is inspired by, they are inspired by their surroundings from the sky to trees to the words that give them meaning.

Speaking of the Sing for Hope Youth Chorus, the youth chorus is orchestrated by an amazing conductor. She always believes that anyone that joins the chorus is able to sing even when we don't believe we could hit a single note on the scale. Two years ago the youth chorus started celebrating the departure of the high school seniors that have been working hard to get their education and to have the responsibilities of coming to chorus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. When it comes to the celebration, those senior can choose to sing their own song or they can do a duet either with a volunteer artist or the chorus. But the seniors must give a couple of words of their experience on what the youth chorus has done to them.

Each year during the summer, Sing for Hope has this one week volunteer artist extravaganza. That one week is called the Arts Intensive, a five days getting to learn from actors, actresses, opera singers, writers, dancers, improv enthusiast, and many more. Four out of five of those days you get to have a fun time, meeting new people, learning new techniques, and finding out what your true talent is; on the fifth day, the arts intensive has a family gather where we show family, friends, and many more what were some of the ideas we learned being in the Arts Intensive.Usually these are the highlights of everyone's summer because you experience so much within a week that you wish it could never end. When it does we all come together as a giant family and say our good-byes hoping to see them in next year's Arts Intensive.

Sing for Hope has taught me and many high school students an copious amount of the arts. It will always be in my heart because I will never forget what I learned from the youth chorus, the pianos, and the arts intensive. Once you have worked with Sing for Hope, you can never truly leave Sing for Hope, if you were the youth chorus, you can become a volunteer artist to sing with the youth chorus for any events or even volunteer during the Arts Intensive to share what it is like being a volunteer artist. All I know is Sing for Hope was a dream come true when I met Sing for Hope.

Cover Image Credit: Sing for Hope

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Cover Image Credit: Danielle Balint

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