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How does one know that they are truly content with their life? It is seen in someone’s eyes, hear it in their voice, and they are just bursting with happiness. They are like a ray of sunshine on a warm summer day or a bath full of bubbles just ready to pop with exemplary. This is a feeling that makes one feel like they are a part of the world.

The feeling of satisfaction and contentment is different for everyone. It is a complex thing, but is mainly because we are all unique individuals that were created to shine and spread goodness to others. Personally, I feel the most pleased when my being and presence nature and exploring the outdoors. I love being outside, no matter the weather; that is why producers make boots, hats, mittens, sunscreen, flip flops, rain boots, umbrellas, etc. There is always an activity to do, even if it is -10 degrees or 110 degrees. It is incredibly hard for me to sit in a hard, plastic chair all day and listen to lecture after lecture about the importance of Darwinism or the history of World War II, then go and observe in a classroom for five hours. Oh, then don’t forget about the forty pages of reading that was assigned last week, but procrastination and Netflix took over. However, that is college and the balance that one has to find. Not every moment is fun and exciting. If it was then it would become the normality and nothing would amuse someone.

Recently, I took a day off of studying (well okay I had finished all of my homework earlier in the day) to hike, treat myself, and to just be away from the chaos of school. It was exactly what I needed. A day with no stress, no schedule, no expectations, and no one to answer to. It was a day of rejuvenation and reflection. I never realized how content and peaceful it can be to be in silence and not talk to anyone. It was amazing feeling, and left me with a smile on my face for a week. It is okay to get away from people, especially if you are an introvert, to have time to think about nothing and figure things out. Yes, I got lost for about an hour in the woods, but that was a part of the adventure and eventually I made it back to my car with the help of Google Maps and a sense of direction with only a few scrapes and bruised, but that was all part of the adventure. Plus I had my phone (and screwdriver that I stole from Ranger Rich incase anyone really had a problem with me) on me just incase there was an emergency, but thankfully there wasn’t.

It is okay to escape reality and get away from civilization for a while. It helps you come to realize how great and wonderful the world is that we are so blessed to live in. The world has a lot of beauty and wonder, but it is often covered up by the stereotypes, hatred, and anger. As humans, we need to open our eyes and go beyond the four-walled room in which we live in to go and explore and find what makes one ultimately happy and fulfilled with their life.

Some ideas to do by yourself (besides doing homework):

  • Take a walk/hike
  • Go shopping
  • Get ice-cream
  • Get your nails done
  • Lay in the sun
  • Read a “beach read”/romance novel—or book of your choosing
  • Journal/write
  • Pray
  • Crafts
  • Organize your room
  • Clean
  • Learn/research a topic you find interesting

In a world where you can be anything


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