A Simple Thank You To Shane Dawson

The real question is who still watches YouTube? Well, actually a lot of people and I’m definitely one of them. I thought the YouTube phase has come and gone but I’m always surprised when people say they watch it too. I have seen plenty of video on YouTube, but there is one youtuber who I have watched since the beginning. Shane Dawson. If you don’t watch his videos, get on our level and I’ll explain why I’ve stuck with him.


Shane is one youtuber who isn’t doing hauls from designer stores or stuff that I can simply not relate to, but rather doing 99 cent store hauls, and that I can relate to. Shane may wear the same shirt in videos, but so do I. Shane has a way of making ridiculous videos but having them say what I was thinking. Shane isn’t afraid to be himself and share his stories online. I have often been self-conscious and being myself is something I’ve struggles with, but by seeing Shane not give a simple fuck gives me the courage to do the same. Shane has struggles and problems in his life as well that he doesn’t like to throw all out there, but when he does, it reassures us that he is doing it to help us. I can only applaud that.

Daily Laughter

I have watched Shane’s videos because they never fail to make me laugh. I would have awful days at school, or stressful days at work, and knowing that I could go home and have a laugh was something I genuinely would look forward to. I still look forward to what DIY or crazy cake video he will share today, because no matter how my day is going, I always can use a laugh. I would bond through laughter with his videos and it made me feel as if I knew him, and having that comfort is nice to have when times are hard. Also, you have to admit that his videos will literally make you pee your pants because he is simply hilarious, even when he is trying the Whopperrito, or playing with a Wubble.


Shane is truly passionate about what he does and you can tell. Shane is passionate about his videos, producing movies, and making us laugh. It’s always cool to see what awesome projects he is working on next, because seeing him happy about them makes me feel like a proud friend of his; standing by him, supporting him through it all. You can also tell he is passionate about his fans as well. I went to his book tour for his most recent book “It Gets Worse” and by him putting in the time to meet with everyone waiting was beyond amazing. Shane cares for his fans, and may joke about at times, but you can truly tell how passionate he is.

Thank you Shane, for getting me to laugh, even when no one else could.

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