I don't know about you, but gift giving is an extremely hard task. I am always at a loss as to what to get people – I sometimes don't know what they would love. A lot of people either already have everything that they would ever want, or they go out and buy the things that they want. This makes things difficult for the people around them to buy things for special occasions. And it always turns into a fight of: "What do you want?" with the answer being, "I don't know. Whatever you get I will like!" Which everyone knows is not always the case. It's just a really difficult time trying to think of things that people will genuinely like that don't cost a lot of money.

So, I'm here to tell you about what I think is a foolproof plan. It's something that will show the person you're getting a gift for that you care about them and that you genuinely listen to their interests: Silly gifts! That's the best way to tell someone that you care without breaking bank. You might think it's a little ridiculous, but honestly, I bet I can change your mind.

Okay, so hear me out. Say you are really trying to buy your best friend a gift, but you have no idea what to get them. They love fishing, gardening, and bad movies. So you could either get them fishing supplies, new seeds for flowers, and tickets to a movie OR you could go the cheaper and more fun route and get them a magnetic fishing game, a fake flower or a cactus that won't die, and a bunch of movies from the $5 bin at Walmart that no one actually likes (but it would be fun to give them a shot). The first option is really sentimental and could mean a lot, but for those that don't have too much money or don't want to risk getting their friend something they won't like, won't want, or already have, the latter option is a fun way to put a smile on their face. It also lets them know that you care about their interests and that you listen to them when they talk about the things they're into.

I know it's a silly option and I know that most people may not be on board, but I really think that it's the thought that counts. Sometimes thinking about the perfect gift is way too much pressure to put on someone. That's not the spirit of gift giving. It's to make sure that the person enjoys themselves and has a great day no matter what the celebration is. So, whether you are shopping for a friend, a significant other (think about a cute date you two had or a great memory that you two shared, and go from there), or a parent that won't tell you what they want (I like to buy things that are reminiscent of funny times, inside jokes, or places/things we used to do), no matter what, they're going to love the gift that you give them. But why not try to make it fun? Choosing a fun gift is always a foolproof plan.