1. Your hips/knees/joints start to hurt.

More recently I've had to start bunching up the comforter in between my knees at night to align my hips or else I wake up with a very sore hip... Why is this happening now?!

2. You're starting to see smile lines. And maybe other fine lines appear on your face.

Another new discovery.

3. You're ready to go to bed at 8PM... 10PM at the latest.

"Tired" has become an eternal state of being.

4. The thought of getting ready to go out one night seems exhausting, and you kinda just want to stay in?

What is happening?!?!

5. Similar to #1... but this time it's your back.

You're finally starting to understand why so many people complain about back pain.

6. You feel like you've mentally aged a century in the past year.

There comes a point where everything seems to shift. Maybe it's post-graduation? For me it was definitely that change from college life to young adult life.

7. You drive past your old high school and it feels like another lifetime.

8. You have at least one existential crisis a day.