12 Signs You're Becoming Your Parents

12 Signs That You're Turning Into Your Parents, But It's Not The End Of The World

The transformation has begun, and honestly, I'm here for it.


Being in college and living away from home, I have become more independent. When I was in high school, I did a lot by myself: laundry, some cooking, cleaning my room, etc. However, since entering college, not only have I become more adult-like in my responsibilities, but also in my mindset. If you do these 12 things, chances are, you've become a true adult too.

1. High school-esque drama literally doesn't bother you anymore

The whole "he said/she said" attitude about the world now just seems petty and annoying. The only "she said" I care about is myself. I've learned that other peoples' opinions of me matter, but they do not define who I am.

2. You text your friend group chat about getting new kitchen appliances

When my mom told me that our kitchen appliances were going to be updated, I literally whipped out my phone and sent in the group message "I'm getting a new fridge tomorrow" followed by hundreds of exclamation points and emojis. And, as an indication that my friends are the best friends in the world (and that they too are turning into their mothers), they all texted back "YASSS" and "When can we come see it omg"

3. You get excited to read books and go to bed at 10 p.m.

Some people's summer 2019 fantasies might involve getting crazy on a beach, or partying until the sun comes up. Granted, those things do have a certain amount of allure to them. However, my ideal summer night kinda sorta most definitely involves reading at sunset on my porch swing and then going to bed early so I can finally get a full night of sleep.

4. You get more and more into The Ellen Show every day

Okay, Ellen DeGeneres has always been awesome. But now, her awesomeness is 20x what it was when I was in high school. There's just something about wholesome talk show comedy that makes me believe in the world again.

5. Your knees hurt when it's going to rain

Okay, this is more a "my knees are like an old person's knees" thing, but I swear my knees can tell the weather. Bible!

6. Swiffering is your stress relief

Yes, I would take a bullet for my Swiffer. Yes, I know that is absurd. But cleaning makes me feel so calm!! #NoShame

7. You don't let your friends leave your dorm room until they're well fed

Snacks, anyone?? Juice? C'mon, I know you're hungry!

8. You're everyone's go-to for advice

As the Tangled song once said, "Mother knows best!" And though that mom was evil and totally crazy, the words did have some meaning. Now, you've become the hub for all of your friend's problems. Who would've thought that a sleep-deprived, caffeine-addicted teenager would be giving advice!

9. You start believing in silly superstitions

Listen, I've never walked under a ladder or passed the salt directly into someone's hands, and my life seems to be working out decently well, so I don't wanna hear it!

10.  You prefer thrift store mom jeans to high end leggings

Honestly, paying more than $25 for a pair of leggings just puts me in a state of pure anxiety. Plus, mom jeans are comfy and give you room to breathe, so who wouldn't want that?

11.  You can't remember anything without writing it down

Seriously, I cannot remember a single thing unless I write it in my planner or type it in my phone. I think by now, I've filled my brain with so much useless garbage that there just isn't any room left for grocery lists or reminders.

12.  You just feel more confident in your capabilities

My parents have always encouraged me to believe in myself, and thanks to their years of support, I have grown into the confident human being I am today. Now, I feel confident and secure in myself, and am able to provide the same support to my peers and friends, to help them grow to their fullest potentials as well. What more could I ask for?

As goofy and dorky as my parents are, I'm proud that I'm becoming like them. They raised me well, and have been my role models for my whole life.

So, Aai and Baba, thank you for making me who I am today. I hope that I have made you proud and that one day, my kids can look up to me the way I do to you, and roll their eyes at how goofy their mom is, and hope that they never (but definitely inevitably will) turn out to be like me.

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10 Things I Threw Out AFTER Freshman Year Of College

Guess half the stuff on your packing list doesn't really matter

I spent the entire summer before my freshman year of college so WORRIED.

I also spent most of my money that summer on miscellaneous dorm stuff. I packed the car when the time finally came to move in, and spent the drive up excited and confused about what the heck was actually going on.

Freshman year came and went, and as I get ready to go back to school in just a few short weeks (!!), I'm starting to realize there's just a whole bunch of crap I just don't need.

After freshman year, I threw out:

1. Half my wardrobe.

I don't really know what I was thinking of owning 13 sweaters and 25 T-shirts in the first place. I wear the same five T-shirts until I magically find a new one that I probably got for free, and I put on jeans maybe four times. One pair is enough.

2. Half my makeup.

Following in the theme of #1, if I put on makeup, it's the same eyeliner-mascara combination as always. Sometimes I spice it up and add lipstick or eyeshadow.

3. My vacuum.


One, I basically never did it. Two, if I REALLY needed to vacuum, dorms rent out cleaning supplies.

4. Most of my photos from high school.

I didn't throw them ALL away, but most of them won't be making a return to college. Things change, people change, your friends change. And that's okay.

5. Excess school supplies.

Binders are heavy and I am lazy. I surprisingly didn't lose that many pens, so I don't need the fifty pack anymore. I could probably do without the crayons.

6. Cups/Plates/Bowls/Silverware.

Again, I am lazy. I cannot be bothered to wash dishes that often. I'll stick to water bottles and maybe one coffee cup. Paper plates/bowls can always be bought, and plastic silverware can always be stolen from different places on campus.

7. Books.

I love to read, but I really don't understand why I thought I'd have the time to actually do it. I think I read one book all year, and that's just a maybe.

8. A sewing kit.

I don't even know how to sew.

9. Excessive decorations.

It's nice to make your space feel a little more cozy, but not every inch of the wall needs to be covered.

10. Throw pillows.

At night, these cute little pillows just got tossed to the floor, and they'd sit there for days if I didn't make my bed.

Cover Image Credit: Tumblr

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My Life Has Not Been The Same Since I Met My Father

He showed me angels, and told me I could put my weapons down because I've got protectors.


I rang in 2019 with sexual sin and instead of being convicted, I felt condemnation (see previous blog post). This, coupled with isolation and watching my fellow seniors have future plans while I didn't have any for post-undergrad, caused me to be in a dark place from January to the first week of April. I honestly didn't want to live anymore, convinced there was no point to my life. Three months, 1 week, and 3 days later, I went on my first A Life Retreat from April 11th to the 14th.

We arrived at the retreat site on the 11th at night so I was just expectant for the next day, but I was trying not to be excited because I didn't want to be brokenhearted if Jesus passed me by. On the 12th, during the last session for the day, many of my peers were getting delivered. I was praying for their deliverance while hoping for my encounter with Christ. However, something shifted in me and I became jealous. I remember thinking I wish I had some demons in me so that God will finally pay me some attention (we could unpack another day so this post isn't 5 pages long). I began to doubt God, I stopped praying and was looking around with a cynical smile on my face.

After the leadership team dismissed us, I went to sit down, angry and dejected. Someone asked me if I was okay. I lied, answering yes. Another person asked me; I lied again. A third person asked, and I finally told the truth saying, "no, but it's whatever". She asked if she could pray for me and I said, "you can do what you want but it's not going to change anything". I reasoned, if God won't show up for me when I prayed for myself, why would He show up when someone else does. With persistence, she began to pray for me, but I wasn't paying attention. I was just thinking she will be done soon and go her way.

She didn't end quickly so I began hearing the words of her prayer. She was saying, "God loves you." I was chuckling, thinking yeah, right. As she continued to pray those sweet words over me, telling me what God was saying and thinking about me, I began to speak out loud what was in mind, telling her that she was lying. After some back and forth, some A Life leaders came over and began to pray for me and after a good fight, deliverance took place. I became free from the stronghold of the spirit of doubt.

The next day, I was hypersensitive to the voice of God. At the beginning of the first session, I heard Him tell me to put my shield down and what I saw behind it was incredible. I had detached a part of myself that was much younger than the current me and I would transfer all the blame of my past onto her. Everything I hated about myself I put on her (this younger version of me). God told me I was supposed to unite with her, but I didn't want to. I told myself I was shielding her to protect her, but actually, I was trying to hide her in order to hate myself less or to avoid judgment. I couldn't move forward until we became one. After another deliverance session in which I was able to forgive myself and reconcile all parts of me, I felt empty, but in a good way. While on break for the day, I remember thanking God for freeing me and asking Him to fill me back up.

Throughout the last session on the 13th, He showed up and showed out for His little girl. I saw multiple visions of how much God loves me. I don't really have an intimate relationship with my natural father so what happened that night was pivotal in my life.

In my first vision, while I was praising and worshipping Him, God told me to rest my head on His shoulder while He told me how much He loves me.

Then He told me to lay my head on his lap and at this point, I'm crying because He's also telling me how He feels about me and how beautiful I am.

He showed me angels, multitudes, and told me I could put my weapons away because I've got protectors and defenders.

He told me that they had always been there even when I could not see them and He did all this while hugging me.

There was so much more that God told me and showed me, but I'm focusing on these few because it tackled the daddy issues and brother issues I had.

My life has literally not been the same ever since April 13th, 2019. I don't even know how to put into words how my life has been, how I have felt, how much love I have in my life. I just want everyone else in the world to feel what I feel, to know what I know, to encounter WHO I encountered. I also want to thank the A Life leadership team. Just in case any of you are reading this, "thank you. I can only imagine the amount of time you had to spend in your secret place with The Most High so that you were able to war for me, and the other A Lifers with Him in the open. May our Father replenish and reward you for being dedicated to people to see them saved and FREE. I love you all."

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