You ever sometimes find yourself feeling out of place at a crowded party, or longing for a quiet night of mature conversation between adults, you may in fact have the emotional age of a 65 year old. Does that sound familiar? Read on!

1. You seek out the most mature people you can find.

All too often, college students seem to forget that we are exactly that. You'd think by the ages of 19 or 20, people would've showing traits of adulthood, but those people seem relatively rare. Hunting them down can be tricky, but definitely worthwhile.

2. Rocking chairs + mountains = sold

Some millennials might think that's a boring concept. If that lifestyle sounds ideal to you, you're probably an old person on the inside.

3. Kickbacks>Parties

Huge crowds, loud music, trashy kids, oh my! I'd much prefer sitting around a living room to party instead.

4. You love the quiet life.

A Saturday dedicated to reading and watching movies? Sign me up.

5. Your interests are a little "old fashioned."

If you like art, classical or jazz music, and reading books on history, you may be an old person.

6. An early bedtime is the best bedtime.

Lights must be out by midnight or it's all over (okay...maybe I can survive till one).

7. You think of all your crazy friends as irresponsible.

Sure, you may love them. But there may be a slight twinge of judgment directed at those who go too hard.

8. Productivity is a drug.

If you squeeze in cleaning, homework, work work, and studying in a short amount of time and that gets you hype, you're probably an old person.

9. Pondering life, politics, and philosophy is far more fun to you than others your age.

Enough said.