13 Obvious Signs You're From Westfield, Indiana

13 Obvious Signs You're From Westfield, Indiana

For almost a quarter century, Westfield has been my home.

I am one of a special group of people that began their life in what was once a small, modest, suburban town (a town, not a city), and is now one of the fastest growing cities in Indiana. I've spent my whole life in Westfield, Ind. and hopefully what follows resonates with the rest of you residents and former residents. Here are some of the surest signs you're a Westfield Shamrock.

1. You probably used to have a field behind your house, and now there's a crowded neighborhood.

In the early 90s, Westfield was just starting to boom with the rest of Hamilton County. We were the last civilized stop as you left Indianapolis and drove north on US 31. The last 20 years have given time for the suburban explosion to fill in the gaps around everyone that's been here their whole lives.

2. If you still live in the country, you're starting to see signs for subdivisions being built closer and closer to your house.

As stated in item one, Westfield and our sister cities are experiencing a crazy rapid influx of new residents. New housing projects are springing up left and right, on every corner of every county road as soon as you get beyond the most recently finished housing project into the corn and bean fields.

3. You're slightly unsure of anyone that lives in Carmel, even your friends and family.

Residents of Westfield share this hatred of Carmel with the rest of the greater Indianapolis area. The Carmel Greyhounds were everyone's rival growing up, whether you went to Westfield, Noblesville, Zionsville, Fishers or Hamilton Southeastern. But no one can deny the symbolism behind the Westfield and Carmel water towers, which characterize our rivalry, being built across the street from each other on the edge of city limits.

4. Roundabouts, traffic circles, whatever you want to call them, are absolutely everywhere.

The department of transportation apparently has some kind of hit list. On this list is every intersection in central Indiana, and these intersections will all meet the same fate. Eventually, they will be violently torn apart for months, sending traffic on awful detours to kingdom come, so they can be turned into roundabouts. Or traffic circles, or whatever the hell they're called.

5. If you're in school like me and only go home every few months, it looks like a new place every time.

Along the theme of never-ending construction, Westfield has been getting an extreme makeover in recent years to cope with the growth. Every time I go home from school, I have to call ahead and find out which roads are closed, which are open, which newfangled exit ramps to use, and map out a new way home.

6. Everyone had a friend that lived in the country to host parties.

If you lived in a neighborhood like me, you weren't hosting any parties. All those cars parked on the street, the neighbors only a few yards and a couple of thin walls away, you were getting busted for sure. If you lived in the country, you didn't have neighbors. You had a long, gravel driveway that kept the action away from the road. You had ample room for a bonfire, which was bound to happen. You had the perfect spot to host a secret gathering of high school miscreants.

7. We all went on the same field trips growing up.

Stuckey Farms, Corydon, Ind., and Camp Tecumseh might be ringing a bell or two.

8. You relished the day we became a city and made a point to tell all your friends from Carmel.

On January 1, 2008, Westfield was no longer Carmel's little brother. We were a full-fledged city and no one could lump us into the pow-dunk farm town category anymore.

9. Growing up, youth sports ran everything.

In Westfield and neighboring communities, the local youth sports program was everything. Not only did you and everyone you knew growing up play a sport, everyone in the county knew everyone else from either being on the same team or competing against one another. And, no matter what sport it was, the latest news and gossip was always passed between parents on the sideline of their kids' games.

10. Jan's Village Pizza was the spot.

Just down the road from the high school, Jan's was the place to kick it after school. It was one of the only places that wasn't a weird antique store or a gas station that we could hang out and eat without being taken by our parents.

11. You categorized everyone by which elementary school they went to.

You know who you are. You either went to private or public schools. Among the public schools, you were very proud to be from Washington Elementary, Shamrock Springs, Oak Trace or Carey Ridge. If you went to private school, you were an OLMC kid or you hailed from SMG.

12. For the former Westfield Middle and High School students, we all have that one teacher that left a life long impression on us.

Whether it was Mr. Oestreich, Mr. O'Neil, Mrs., Knight, Mr. Stemnock, Mrs. Gable or Mrs. Mangus, every one of us will never forget one or two incredible teachers that we had growing up.

13. You vividly remember the streak of, well, streakers that terrorized the faculty and made students go wild at WHS pep rallies.

I believe we went three for three my freshman, sophomore, and junior years. And no, mom, none of them were me.

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SpongeBob quotes are so universal that they never get old. That's because "SpongeBob SquarePants" is the one TV show that we are all guilty of watching and have absolutely no regrets every time we turn it on.

Most of us are no longer children, which is why our parents sometimes get that confused look on their faces when they see us watching "SpongeBob SquarePants." But you know what? "SpongeBob" is by far one of the funniest shows of our generation and the characters are some of the greatest. The best part about "SpongeBob," without a doubt, is the iconic quotes that we all still use in our daily language. With too many to count, here are some favorite "SpongeBob" quotes, from ones that all fans should know, to ones we use every day.

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“We're all out.”

Could you check?”


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43. “Too bad that didn’t kill me.”

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The Final Season of 'Game Of Thrones'

I'm excited and sad all at the same time.

***** SPOILER ALERT*****

Now that it's upon us I don't know if I'm ready.

Does everyone remember what happened last season or are you like me and doing the GOT binge before the series finale?

I just finished season 1 and I'm starting in season 2 because if I'm going to binge it I'm going to do it the right way it's going to be from the beginning, besides who gets tired of watching Joffrey die?

My burning question that I'm sure EVERYONE wants to know is who will be on the throne in the end? Will it be Daenerys or Jon? I have my speculations or who I would rather see win.

Jon should rule. He was born of Fire and Ice. His father being Rheagar Targaryen and his mother Lyanna Stark. Fire and Ice. Then again, there are the stories that were told to Cersei when she was a young girl by the witch that there would be a girl prettier than her to rule. Does that mean Dani (AKA Daenerys)?

Or will she rule beside Jon? Will the two of them be a couple and rule the Kingdoms together? I'm dying to know! But these two characters are not my only focus at the end of the Final Season.

Where will Bran wind up with his abilities? What about Arya? Will she remain in Winterfell to be Sansa's executioner? Will she leave and go to King's landing if Jon takes the throne?

My time with Game of Thrones has been brief because I came in late on the show, probably season 4, I'm not sure, but I've poured over so much research, reading through the wiki pages online to reading actual books printed after the series began. It's a vast and intriguing subject.

What am I going to with my life once the season ends? There will be a hole in my heart were GOT once was. The fans of this show no matter who they root for will be crying at the end because someone's favorite is more likely to die than to live through the whole show.

If I could choose to put anyone on the Throne it would be Jon. He is honest and just like Eddard Stark raised all his children to be. He would technically be the ruler that all the faithful Targaryen supporters have been looking for. A Dragon to sit on the throne again. but, so would Dani.

Some wonder if she would go mad like her father because she can learn that way in some of her rulings. Like at Veas Dothrak, she killed all the men and took the women for her followers. Was that really necessary? She's a strong woman like Cersei but when compared there is a huge line that divides the two.

Both are loved and hated but honestly, I don't think that either of them belongs on the Throne. As for the rest, I am looking forward to seeing the way that it plays out. I have heard a rumor that George R. R. Martin has given the answer to who sits on the Throne of Iron.

Games of Thrones will truly be mourned in my house after it ends but I'm excited, to say the least for the Final Season.

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