You Support Each Other's Dreams

Finding someone who is truly supportive of your dreams and aspirations is difficult. Many times in a relationship, partners will try to impose their opinions, making you second guess yourself and your decisions. That's never a good sign. But when you find someone who supports your dreams and stands by you no matter what, you may have found the one.

Your Signs Align

If you feel strongly about astrology, then you know how important it is to date someone who has a compatible astrology chart to you. Having incompatible signs may mean unforeseen trouble in the future, but there are definitely exceptions to this rule. So just because your signs aren't generally compatible, doesn't mean you haven't found the one.

Your Friends Love Him/Her

We've all known someone to be in a relationship with a person who is hated by all of their partner's friends and family. Those relationships never work out. If your friends generally love your significant other and believe that you two are great with each other, it's a strong sign that you've found the one.

You Make Each Other Extremely Happy

Does it hurt to be apart from your partner for long periods of time? Do you look forward to being with your partner, even if you're doing absolutely nothing? Do you make each other laugh until you cry? These are all strong indications that you've found someone who will make you happy for the rest of your life.

You Legitimately See a Future Together

We often try to picture ourselves with our partners in the future to see if it feels right. If you look to a future with you partner and it makes you excited, you may have found the one. If you both are talking about your future together and have similar views about what you want in life, those are great signs you'll stay compatible for the long haul.