Romantic relationships aren't the only relationships that can be unhealthy. Friendships can definitely be damaging to your health. But cutting toxic people out of your life can be hard, so here are 10 tell-tale signs that you're in a toxic friendship.

1. You're being pressured

Friends who push out of your comfort zone are amazing, but friends who pressure you to do things you don't want to are not.

 2. They don't respect your opinions or interests

Friends who belittle your interests and hobbies or dismiss your views are not really friends.

3. They ignore you constantly

If your friends consistently ignore you, both in real life and in text, maybe its time to consider new friends.

4. They put you down

Some of my closest friends are the ones that I have playful banter with, but putting down your friends' appearance is not okay.

5. They physically harm you

This may seem obvious, but it is still important to mention. Friends can assault you in the same way a significant other can.

6. They are possessive

If your friend doesn't want you to have other friends or allow you to hang out with other people, it may be a sign.

7. They don't really listen to you

If they aren't paying attention to you when you're speaking and only care about their turn to speak, then something might be up.

8. They use you!

This should be obvious, but sometimes it's hard to tell. Are you always paying for lunch? Do your friends never return your things? Do they always ask you for homework? THEY ARE USING YOU, SWEETIE!

9. They talk badly about your other friends

There is no rule that all your friends have to get along, however, if one of your friends is always saying rude things about your friends, they are not good for you.

10. They always forget your birthday

Everyone forgets things sometimes, but if your friend always forgets your birthday or doesn't even wish you a happy birthday, do they really care about you?