Friends are an amazing addition to your life. It’s the toxic ones you need to look out for. Parting ways to a toxic friendship can be very healthy for you. If you’re not careful, a toxic friend can bring a lot of negativity into your life and it can affect the way you feel and behave. How you respond to these kinds of friends is your choice to make. Based on my experiences and lessons I have learned, below are 10 signs it’s time to cut a toxic friend out of your life.

1. They judge you

Friends don’t judge each other. When we talk, they listen and they give us a shoulder to cry on. If your friend judges you on things you do and makes you feel bad about things you like then they are not the friend you want. If your friend always gives you negative criticism then you'll be afraid to be yourself. Your friends should be supporting no matter what but if they are too quick to point out your flaws that relationship becomes toxic.

2. They’re controlling

If you feel like a friend is being manipulative and controlling you then that is another red flag. No one should be able to tell you what to do, how to think and how to behave unless they have good intentions and it doesn't seem controlling. If you feel like that friend is making you a puppet, it’s time to think if you need this kind of person in your life.

3. Self-centered

Toxic friends only seem to talk and care about themselves. They aren’t there for you in a time of need yet they only come to you when they need help. These are the toxic friends that never ask about you or how your life is going, these friends are toxic because they make you feel like you are not important.

4. They’re not trustworthy

Many women and even men get very invested into a friendship because they share so much information with them. Once that friend betrays our trust, it is a huge deal to us. You start re-evaluating the relationship you share with them.

5. They get mad at you too easily

In a great friendship, it’s normal to have ups and down because at the end of the day you are best friends and you forgive each other. However toxic friends start arguments with you over the smallest thing and don’t know how to resolve problems in a mature way. If you and your so called friend are constantly fighting, you know there’s an issue within the friendship.

6. They are physically or emotionally abusive

There’s not a lot of explaining on this, but if you have a person in your life that is abusing you emotionally or physically it's time to get out of that situation immediately and get help.

7. They’re constantly involved in drama

No one likes to be around drama, except the people that cause it. Having someone with many conflicts around them can affect you negatively and they can bring that drama into your life.

8. They act like a victim

Another red flag is when some don't take responsibility for their actions. If they are blaming someone else for their own mistakes and always try to act like a victim in every situation, it’s better to not hang out with them. You don’t want to stick around feeling guilty or feeling judged for something that isn’t your fault. Be friends with people who can admit their wrongdoings and grow from them.

9. You dread spending time with them

If you’re thinking about how to get out of a social event just because you might see them is a major red flag. The feelings of seeing them at a party or a class/club meeting can consume your energy and make you feel stressed. If you simply don’t enjoy being around them, they shouldn’t be your friend.

10. They have a bad vibe about them

If you have a gut feeling about someone, trust it. In most cases, your gut feeling is never wrong and someone with bad vibes is someone you want to stay away from.

When you’re in a great friendship you feel happier and loved and finally feel like you’ve found your soul sister but toxic friendships bring nothing but negativity to your life and kill your happy spirits. Your best friends are supposed to add to your life and not take away from it. So if you have a friend who shows any of these signs, it’s best to hop off that stressful train before it crashes.