As the final weeks of summer loom closer and closer, one thing may be on the top of all your minds -- the fall semester and all the wonderful things it brings. 

If you're new to recruitment, like I am, then this feeling of excitement mixed with nerves is a good feeling. You know exactly what you'll be wearing, exactly when you'll be practicing and who you'll be spending the last few days before classes with. With the coming of classes and the crisp fall air, comes the arrival of new members, freshmen, new chances, classes and formals, hayrides and philanthropy events. You may be experiencing some nostalgia for items such as your favorite brown riding boots and the classic "scarf and J.Crew vest" combo, along with sisterhood events to pumpkin patches, Halloween and more. 

For those of us involved in things other than Greek life, there are so much that the coming of fall brings. Football season is one of these great things and I am already counting down the days until that first game back in Spartan Stadium proudly wearing my green and white. I can smell the tailgating food already! 

Halloween may be one of the most memorable moments for a child. That doesn't mean college students don't celebrate it! It seems as if everyone on campus is out this night, mingling and trying to out do one another in costume. There is still just enough warmth left in the air to wear that costume that may not be as decent as your mother would like you to wear and we use that to our advantage, year after year. 

For most, the changing season means a wardrobe change. Gone are the days of shorts and tank tops or those flip flops you wore to the beach. It is time for a wonderful season, style wise. Remember those knit leggings you loved so much? Miss them, yet? It's almost time to break those babies out again and throw on booties with your favorite sweater and scarf. Even the classic vest combo with a pair of well worn jeans is looming near. 

Not to mention food, in case you're starving, but fall brings back one of the seasonal bests I miss the most: pumpkin. Whether it's that skim milk, light whip PSL from Starbucks, or a homemade pie from Mom, this is a classic. Pumpkin can be made into anything from a decoration to a muffin, a face mask, pie, pumpkin butter and so much more. If that doesn't make you long for the cooler days coming up, then I am not sure what will! 

One huge sign that you may be ready for fall is the chance to start over fresh this school year and make a difference in your life, or in someone else's life, to experience all the things you loved about last year in a whole new way. I can't wait!