11 Signs You're In Panther Nation
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11 Signs You're In Panther Nation

Lots of Panther pride for one.

11 Signs You're In Panther Nation

What is Panther Nation?

Cabot, Arkansas is a growing small town. We have everyone from city slicker to raging redneck. Our town may not have much in common, but there is one thing that Panther Nation can all agree on:


I put out a Facebook post asking all of my Cabot friends to send in a sign(s) that tell you you’re in Panther Nation. The following signs are from actual citizens of Cabot.


1. Friday night Football is where you spend your Fridays. {Submitted by Greg Stone}

There is no excuse for you not to be sitting in the stands when the Panthers are playing. Football is like a religion. You will be decked out in red, black, and white; and you’ll shouting “Fight, fight, fight” after the cheerleaders do.

2. Owning every homecoming t-shirt ever. {Submitted by Garret Hardcastle}

You might be lucky and get one throw at you for free, but Cabot charges you for everything so that chance is slim.

3. “Bring the Wood” happens before the game, and after every touchdown. {Submitted by Sierra Harrell}

If you are a Razorback fan, like most people of Cabot, then you know where this comes from. When Darren McFadden played for the Razorbacks he used to carry around a wooden bat and yell “We got that wood!” The Cabot High School football team created their own saying that spun off of McFadden’s chant. Every game day, the football players run a black and red sign with “Bring the Wood” on it to the student section. After every touchdown or good play on the panthers’ behalf, the student section chants.

4. Rebel and/or American Flags everywhere. {Submitted by Brittany Pittillo & Sierra Harrell}

5. Rush hour will be the death of you. {Submitted by Sharla Caldwell}

Cabot is fairly wide. If you work on one side and live on the other, expect to be in traffic for 30 minutes to an hour. The speed limit may say 45 mph, but you’ll be going 2 mph for a while. Don’t plan anything until after 6:00 pm because you won’t make it.

6. Walmart and/or Waffle House are the place. {Summited by Jordyn Hensley}

If you’re out and about in Cabot from 12:00 am to about 3:00 am there’s a high probability that huge crowds of teenagers are located at these two places. The back of Walmart parking lot will have multiple vehicles surrounding these teens. Music is probably playing. Don’t be alarmed because most of these groups are harmless. Waffle House is just so darn good, Cabotians (Caa-bow-tee-ens) cannot resist fluffy waffles or smothered hash browns at 3 in the morning.

7. Mullets exist *cringes*.

8. Homecoming is big, but the number of maids and sweethearts is bigger.

Normal high schools have a decent number of maids (example; 2 sophomores, 2 juniors, and 4 seniors), but Cabot has 4 sophomores, 4 juniors, and 6 seniors. We not only celebrate homecoming court, but we celebrate every single sponsored club sweetheart. Our homecoming pep rallies normally last an hour. It takes an hour to get through every name. There are roughly 30-50 maid and sweethearts. You talk about sore butts!

9. Approximately 2 in 5 students of Cabot High School own a jacked-up truck. {Submitted by Sierra Harrell}

10. Trend setter clothing: Cowboy boots and Gym shorts {Submitted by Jordyn Hensley}

Cabotians are all about setting trends, but not necessarily Fashion Week in Paris trends. Cowboy boots aren’t just for farmers or cowboys anymore. Heck, even people who’ve never even set foot on a farm own a pair. Gym shorts are made for summer months. There are people who try to prove that they are tough. They can wear shorts in 30-degree weather. Now what really grinds my gears is wearing cowboy boots WITH gym shorts!? I understand that you want to set a trend, but c’mon!!!

11. Dollar General is literally around every corner. {Submitted by Madison Duran}

At least you can find things for cheap, right?

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