11 Signs You May Be A Harry Potter 'Potthead'
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11 Signs You May Be A Harry Potter 'Potthead'

Am I going to be obsessed with Harry Potter forever? Always.

11 Signs You May Be A Harry Potter 'Potthead'
Cara Campanelli

"Harry Potter" was one of the first book series that I read when I was younger. As I became an adult, my love for the fandom only blossomed. The world was magical and I couldn't get enough of it. I wanted to be a witch from the moment I finished the first book. Here are the signs that you are definitely an ongoing Potterhead.

1. You know what house you're in and you're dang proud of it

Thanks to Pottermore, all loyal fans can take an accurate test to determine what Hogwarts house they are in and even what their Patronus is! I'm a Ravenclaw and every time someone else claims the house the values the wise and clever, I feel like I have gained a part of my extended family. Plus, I always get excited if I see a Ravenclaw shirt or keychain, I have to buy it. Representin'.

2. You drop everything you're doing if you realize there is a "Harry Potter" marathon going on

It seems like whatever channel has the "Harry Potter" movies, they have a marathon, especially if it a three-day weekend. Who cares if you have work? Call out, grab some popcorn, and sit on the couch because you're in for a long run!

3. You own all of the books and movies with a little extra reading

With a world as large as "Harry Potter," there are more works than just the seven books. My bookshelf is filled with all of the wizarding world, including "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." I have coloring books that I don't want to color in because I feel like I would ruin the aesthetic.

4. You've been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

So many Insta pics of you in front of iconic places and buildings. You've tasted Butterbeer, pumpkin juice, and almost every candy that was ever mentioned. The minuscule details placed in the parks are enough to make you fangirl for the century and no one there will judge you for decking out in your house gear and letting your inner Potterhead shine.

5. If loved ones don't know what to get you for gifts, the default is almost always Hogwarts-related

You have probably around nine pairs of Hogwarts socks and three "Harry Potter" mugs. You wish that maybe they would just be a little bit more creative and not so generic. You're still grateful though.

6. You find yourself quoting famous lines from the series

Your main vocabulary consists of wizarding words and jokes only the magical community would understand. Muggles don't understand the impact of the word "always."

7. You find yourself reciting lines along with the actors in the movie — word for word

You know how long each actor takes to deliver the line, you know how long to pause, and you know the exact tone and accent to do it. But that's probably normal for someone who seen the movies upwards of a billion times.

8. If anyone sees the Harry Potter Puppet Pals video, they tag you in it

Every single time! I even get tagged by people I don't know all that well. "I thought you would find this funny." Yeah, it's been around forever and I will always watch it when it comes up on my timeline but you don't have to tag the Harry Potter girl once you see it.

9. You have dreamed of receiving your Hogwarts letter for, like, ever

Your heart broke on your 12th birthday when you realized that the magic really was just fantasy and you won't spend your school years where you really want to be. Maybe it's more like a Hogwarts University? One can only hope.

10. Beating everyone at Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Take it, suckas! As the reigning champion, I can boast how good it feels to beat other Potterheads at a game about Potterhead knowledge. (Hence the Ravenclaw!)

11. You may have a little too much memorabilia — so much that you may need extra storage

You've spent most likely half of your life savings on "Harry Potter" collectibles. I have so many Funko Pops and house decor that I barely have room for the bulk of all my stuff.

While you might be known as the "Harry Potter" nerd, you wouldn't change it for the world. Once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead.

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