12 Signs, You Have Found A True, All-in, Best Friend
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12 Signs, You Have Found A True, All-in, Best Friend

They stick with you through the good and bad.

12 Signs, You Have Found A True, All-in, Best Friend
Lauren McCally

"A good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have."-Irish Proverb

Finding a person that is a true friend takes time, and effort and can be a challenge for some people. Not because there aren't amazing people out there, but because the truth of the matter is that people are scared to be their true, authentic selves. So, when you've found that person, don't let them go and know that they are rare.

Here's a list of ten things that will help you know if you've found your true bestie.

1. They trust you

Whats a friendship, well any relationship, really. What do you have if you don't have trust?

2. They will call you out on any BS.

3. Distance and time don't mean anything

You can handle being apart for months at a time, and still when you're together again, it seems like no time has passed

4. They know you have flaws, but love you anyways.

And will always love you, despite those things.

5. They're a hype man (or woman) when they need to be

And, they can also be a shoulder to cry on when needed as well.

6.  They show you all of themselves

And you do the same, there's no faking it with them, even the most embarassing stuff.

7. They push you to be the best versions of yourself

From taking a risk to making a hard decision, everyone needs a little push occasionally. They encourage you to take a leap, and they pull you back should you start to stumble. They see your true potential, and they want you to live that.

8. They might fight you

But don't worry, it's because they want you to be your absolute best. True friends make you realize that you screwed up, but they would love to help you create a new outcome.

9. They won't let you settle.

Especially with that ex who was no good for you to begin with.

10. You can speak truth to each other.

You don't have to tiptoe around a situation, you can say exactly what's on your mind to her face. You can both say your opinion without being offended while valuing what the other person has to say.

11. You're apart of each others future

You can't imagine a time without them in your life.

12. They've seen you at your absolute worst and still love you

No questions, No judgements.

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