Who said that you can only be a mom-friend or a dad-friend? Where's the fun in that? Especially when you're the perfect combination of both.

If you're both a mom-friend AND a dad-friend, then you can probably relate to everything below, if not more unlisted ones. Have your wine and cake or chips and beer, and enjoy them, too.

Your Mom qualities...

1. "Text me when you get home!"

2. Always baking or cooking food to bring over for your friends

3. Checking up multiple times when they're sick or upset, or just 'cause

4. Frequently pass up a night out for some alone wine-time

5. Always over-pack or over-plan when you and your friends plan to go somewhere

6. This means you've always got things like pain meds, snacks, drinks, etc. ready at all times

7. Always reminding friends to do things and babying them, even over small things

8. The first to help out a friend or person in need

Your Dad qualities...

9. Makes terrible puns and poor quality jokes frequently

10. Loves food and eating it more than you'd like to admit (and probably eat everyone else's food when they aren't looking)

11. Just goin' with the flow

12. Likes to do dumb things without thinking too much about it

13. Adventurous and down for spontaneity

14. Doesn't try hard (or at all) when you leave the house or hang out with friends. You just grab and go

15. Drink beer pretty much daily and love every sip

16. Can be pretty ignorant and not always know your limits

Sometimes you can't just be one parent-friend, you gotta be both! And that makes you the best of both worlds.